Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beanie Blogs #2: Grease Test, Kitchen Spice and The Cooold!


Another little bloggy thing for today! Aren't you lucky?!

For lunch out (in a really nice cafe!) i had a salad sandwich (they put quite a lot of butter in the sandwich, so my veganism will have to make exceptions when out), lovely chips on the side (I did the "Grease test", I got out my napkin and put it over the chips then took off and saw how much oilyness was on them - turns out, not really any oilyness so WIN! I hate greasy chips) and a cup o' tea!
Then mum and I looked in some of the gift shops and went to a garden centre to kill time. In the garden centre they had a big shelf full of Yankee candles! MY FAVOURITE.
They have a new collection out called, "Kitchen Spice" and OH MY DAYS it smells amazing. I was standing there just smelling it - it was perfect. Really autumnal but when Winter comes, pretty festive-y and it smelt like something. Like a lovely warm festive feeling memory I had last year. I LOVED IT.

We then went off to town to pick up my brother and then went to Starbucks (small, soy chai tea latte as always - well the soy is only my second time but it's actually so much nicer) because... Well because Starbucks is lovely.

Aaaand now we're here! It is SO cold outside ahhh I LOVE ITTTTT!

I'm watching How I Met Your Mother and drinking a cup of earl grey tea ^_^ for dinner we had this lovely medittiranian sort of soup that dad made with hummus and red pepper and celery and then rhubarb and apple crumble! Very Autumnal ;)

Okay, talk to you later!

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  1. your dinner sounds soo nice!! i just had tomato soup! but thats only because my nan was looking after us! :)