Sunday, October 28, 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

...Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

That song is stuck in my head. And i'm happy about it.

I actually can't believe that Bonfire Night is on MONDAY(not tomorrow, I meant next week woops heheh)! We're celebrating it  on Sunday though - so even earlier!
See, last year I was REALLY excited about Christmas around September time, and my mum said that I was allowed to listen to Christmas songs, go Christmas shopping, and generally be excited for Christmas - after Fireworks/Bonfire Night! :D
This year I've been more into Autumn, as i don't like counting down to Christmas because it goes waaay to fast if you do - but I have been watching Christmas programmes, singing Christmas songs, and baking Christmassy things because you know what? IT'S NEARLY THE TIME FOR FESTIVITIES.
Let's just say in November, the festivities begin!

So I woke up, thinking I'd slept in WAAAY too long - I went to the kitchen after getting dressed and ready (i wasn't really in the mood for a lazy Sunday pyjama morning), and saw it was 9:44. Yep, I'd slept in late. So I made myself breakfast (these SUPER DUPER YUMMY oaty clusters from Waitrose with a chopped banana, soya milk and a chai tea and clementine on the side) and went to the living room to blog, youtube, etc - I looked up at the clock and OH SNAP it was 8:59?! Turns out, the hour had changed. Wow that was a long paragraph for such a boring story...

Yep, after hours of internet-ing, I got grumpy and decided to some crafty stuff but we had none of the essential materials or anything! So i opened up my scrap book and saw the salt dough Christmas deccies recipe thing from Kirstie's Handmade Christmas!
I AM OBSESSED WITH THAT PROGRAM :D It makes me feel so cosy and crafty and Christmassy!

My Christmas decorations are in the oven now; it was so much fun to make! And so easy!
Half a cup of salt (mmmm, tasty.), a cup of flour - then slowly pour in half a cup of water, and knead (it says for ten minutes but I did mine for about five heheh) until you get a soft, pliable ball of dough! Then roll onto a floured surface, cut out shapes, and either microwave for 2-3 minutes, or leave them to airdry for a couple of days OR do what I've done, and put them in the oven on the lowest heat until they harden (I've put the timer on for an hour)! Then paint, decorate, and hang on your tree! Obviously mine will have about a month of storage time, but it's good to be prepared!

I remember making salt dough decorations at school, in year 1 I think. I've still got mine - it's a lumpy massive heart, with rubbish red painting and cloves sticking out of it. It's "rustique", okay? But it smells AWESOME. To me, cloves smell just like Christmas <3

Soooo yeah! I'll talk to you later, byeee!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Baking and a Cosy House.

Whilst I eat a (homeade!) jam tart, apple and chai tea I shall share my baking session with my mum today ^_^ no more words, just pictures woot woot:

 I can't ice cupcakes - i'm a disgrace to bakers. 

 My baking set up ^_^
 Skeleton gingerbread, dairy free pumpkin pie and dairy free jam tarts! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT SAINSBURY'S LIGHT READY ROLLED SHORTCRUST PASTRY IS VEGAN?! HOW COOL IS THAT?!!!!

 LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!! My mum iced them for me^_^

 Table ready for a feast!

 That's right, I'm bringing out the festive bowl!

 Wizzy!!! But a little shaky, sorry :D

That's it! Perfect way to start half term!



Hello all! The title is yet to be decided... Hmmm... But this post basically is sort of, things going on or things I like at the mo.

(This lady is staying in our house tonight, she knows my mum and dad - and we're watching this terrible film and I reeeaaally want to leave but I feel so rude euurrggghhh! I also feel a bit piggy, because i ate dinner, had seconds of the garlic bread, then had this super-yummy-but-randomly-made-up pumpkin ginger tart/pie/no-cheese-cheesecake and two clementines, then I just ate a homeade plum jam tart with an apple... IT'S FRIDAY, OKAY? ;D)

Okay, heeeere we go!:

1. Halloween Baking

This is something very recent, about four hours ago ;) Tomorrow i'm doing the catering again for this show event thingy my mum and dad are putting on in a town not too far away, and so I've been baking a LOT - and my mum was helping me and it felt really cosy and nice, so that's my first thing!

2. Jamie's Christmas with Bells on/Jamie's Family Christmas

I. LOVE. THIS. PROGRAM. And I don't think it's too early for Christmas programs - it never is! (Okay maybe that's not true, but it's late October so it's all good!) So many ideas, albeit meaty ideas mostly but it still makes me feel so Christmassy and yaaay!

3. Kirstie's Homemade Christmas

Another program to catch up on 4od! This also inspires me so much; Christmas food and craft ideas! It makes me want to get a vintage glass jar full of buttons and turn them into a necklace, or a garland or something awesome like that!

4. Costa's Gingerbread Lattes

Very luckily, there is a costa near my nanny and grandpa's so gingerbread lattes make a lot of appearances in my life! I can't wait until Starbucks bring out their redcups though! EEEK SO SOON!!!! :D

5. Friends

Not the TV show, suprisingly ;) I've just been very grateful for my friends (and famfam ofc) - my new schoolie friends are already becoming close, and my oldie friends (teheh!) are just so perfff! We actually are like little old ladies when talking in our group, we don't gossip, just discuss ;D

Awwwright I'm off to watch Kirstie's Homemade Home! Tutahhh!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crafty Things.

This Christmas season, I'm going all out homemade; homeade gifts are decorations are always prettier!
Okay, i'm inspired. It's happened.
Kirsty's Homemade Christmas - it's never too early for Christmas programmes.
I have quite a few recipes for Crimbo, but not many crafty ideas! This programme makes me so inspired to just get up and CRAFT IT OUT.

I loooove textiles and crafts. I remember my art teacher said to me as i was leaving to go to school, "You'll do well, you really have any eye for textiles." (something along those lines :D) - my dad's job is centered around textiles, I just love it! But I'll be inspired to do arts and crafts, and then just forget about it for a while, which sucks! So I'm going to try and make the most out of it.

About a month ago, my mum and I decorated (decorating is my favourite part of crafts :)) some frames so they turned into button frames! They were for a present, and they were sooo pretty! So rustique but so much more special than shop bought.
I also used to make necklaces and bracelets, and cards. I'm gonna start the festive season early; I'm going to make some Christmas cards! It's good to have a headstart and be prepared for December, right?

Yeah, so this post is probably just for me to look back on and try and get inspired to craft again - talk (or should I say, type?) soon!


Beanie Blogs #22: illness, FESTIVENESS and Baking

Now i know what you're thinking; ESH! WHY AREN'T YOU IN SCHOOL?
Well, my dearies, I'll tell you why. I'm ill. Again.

It's so annoying! Tummy bug and sniffly nose :(

So I've been baking chocolate cupcakes for the event on Saturday (non vegan cupcakes - it didn't feel right using a cow's product again aha, but they aren't for me and we had this to use up so *shrug*), they smell so yummy! I also tried to make gingerbread but the dough is so crumbly and weird?! I've never used that recipe so... MEH.


Kay' gonna pop off now! Tutaaahhh!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Pie Autumn Tiramasu.

Hello there.

Come for a little peek at a super tasty VEGAN pumpkin tiramasu?

Okay, this recipe originally came from the lovely Kathy Patalsky and I followed it though made a few cchnages and it just didn't set! It was suppost to be a pumpkin pie, no bake - but mine didn't set BUT it tasted wonderful! So I stuck it in a wine glass, put a pecan (even though it's a walnut pumpkin pie...) on top and a leaf of mint! Also, I learnt a few things on the way so down below will be a different version, but if you want to make a PIE - Follow Kathy Patalsky's recipe.

Awwwright here's the recipe:

1/3 cup raw walnuts
1/2 cup rolled oats
2 Tbsp organic brown sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 Tbsp flax seeds (optional) (I used 1 tbsp of milled flax)

15 ounces pumpkin puree, unsweetened
1/2 cup organic brown sugar
1/2 cup raw walnuts
3/4 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice (recipe for pumpkin pie spice down below)
1/3 cup walnut oil
1/4 cup almond milk
4 heaping teaspoons of soy yogurt

1/2 tsp of vanilla extract

(I put mine into a pie dish so I felt like there wasn't enough crust, personally, but if you're putting it into wine glasses it depends on the size of your wine glasses but that should be enough)

Put all the dry ingredients into a food proccessor. Whizz it up until mixed, but still little pieces of walnut are in sight. Then, spoon into the wine glasses (this makes probably about 4-6, but again it depends on the size of the glass). Set aside and put all the filling ingredients (apart from the oil) into a food processor. Turn on and mix until creeeeaaamy! Then pour the oil in, and just process a tiny bit. Test it, and adjust spices or sugar to taste - i added a bit more cinnamon and nutmeg; just a pinch.
Then spoon on top of the crumbly base mixture, and put into the fridge for at LEAST three hours - i put mine in the evening, and ate it the next evening.
Garnish with a walnut (out of walnuts, so I used a pecan) and a sprig o' mint - et voila!

I'm writing this whilst snacking on a chocolate rice cake and an apple. Bloggers life :D


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beanie blogs #21: Festive Sunday!

Hello allll!

So today (well, so far) has been so lovely and festive - yes, I know it's only October but SHHHH!

This morning I woke up, and after an hour mum got up and made some incredibley yummy pear pancakes from Jamie Oliver - i had five (American style) served with yogurt and honey teheh ^_^
Then, Mads, Jose and Kitkat came over and we went to Tescos, bought some bagels, got lunch ready (a bagel topped with hummus, with cucumber and spicy crisps on the side) and we watched Love Actually! Teheheh! After we were all feeling SO festive we made some YUMMY VEGAN GINGERBREAD BICCIES!

Then we plonked down in the living room, turned on Friends, got ourselves some milk (soya milk  for me, of course.) and grabbed a couple of the biscuits (i also ate a pear... Yeah.) - They are so scrumalicious!

Quite a decadent Sunday, but hey - that's what Sundays are for!

Talk to you later!



Friday, October 19, 2012

Beanie Blogs #20: Cozyness, Skin and Juliet!


I'm at my nanny's today - it's so lovely and cold outside <3 so I'm warming up with a fuzzy blanket (in my school uniform -.- when I get home it's straight to the jim jams!) and a lemon and ginger tea (I might go back for my second piece of vegan choccy tiffin heheh ;)) so woo!

My skin has been horrible recently. I need to get into the habit of washing it in the morning and night - i know, it's a bit gross that I've only been washing my face with rubbish cleanser in the evening but in the morning I always seem like I'm in such a rush, but I'm sure I have time to wash my face! Anyway, i've got a big group of little skin coloured spots which are annoying :(

Enough of my face - how are YOU?

It was actually a really fun day at school today; I had English, double drama and then English again teheh! My favourite subjects ;)
In my little library break (whilst the rest of my lovely class were doing chemistry teheh!) I tried to learn some of my Juliet lines - I've sooort of learnt a couple, I know, I know - only a couple BUT it's a start! :D

Okay, I'll pop off now! Tu-taaah!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WEAT: Sunday Eats!

So, again i failed at WIAW, but shhhhh! Instead i'll just do WEAT (What Esh Ate Today... even though this was from Sunday and it's now Tuesday, again, shhh! ;D)
So on Sunday my dad had some worky stuff to do and my mum and I came with him - we ventured off into Nottingham (it was nearby where dad was) because I'D seen this lovely looking place called the White Rabbit Teahouse
(though it was more of a teaROOM it was so tiny and cuuute! And cosy and warm ^_^). It was really nice; I didn't see many vegan options (though my heart had been set on the sandwich i'll tell you about in a min, so maybe I wasn't looking well enough) but lots of veggie options!
They also sold a wide variety of tea (obvs) and CAKE. And scones and yumminess :D

But anywho, here we go;
OKAY I CHEATED. This is a picture of a couple of days before but i MUST do a recipe on my two favourite breakfasts (this is one of them) - super simple but sometimes people just need some ideas! This is porridge (made with water and soya milk of course) with stewed apples and cinnamon. Actually on Sunday I'm pretty sure I put about two tbsps of muesli and a TINY sprinkle of brown sugar in there. Ooh, and a chai tea with soy milk.

I also ate a banana and a cup of tea when we got there, for my little mid morning snack!


 YUUUUM. If you ever go to the White Rabbit Teahouse, I DEFINITELY reccomend this! Humuous, baby spinach, carrots and PINE NUT sandwich with a side salad and some crisps :D

Snacky time! (around 4pm):

My mum and I went to this cute little cafe places called The Beetroot Tree in Derby/Derbyshire. If you live near there and you're vegan, GO THERE. If you live near there and you're not vegan, GO THERE.
They had two vegan dessert choices that I was interested in; Spiced apple slice or spiced apple cobbler. As it was so cold, i went for the cobbler and my oh my I'm glad i did. Now I'm planning to make cobbler this weekend :D PERFECT cinnamony nutmegy clovey gingery stewed hot apples with a sweet, almost cake like pastry cobbler top. PURRRRFECT.
Very attractive picture, i know. It had been a long day and on the way home we went to Costa and I had my usual gingerbread latte. Yum yum.

Dinner: picture.

I'm sorry.
It was quite late when we got back, so mum rustled up some pasta with M&S (i know - *sigh* shop bought sauce, but I looked on the back and it didn't have loads of crappy stuff in it, so it's all good!) tomato sauce, with a side of M&S edamame (did you know that's pronounced ED-A-MA-MAY? So cool. Like quinoa is KIN-WA tehehehheheh :D) and green bean salad and carrot cous cous salad. Yum yum.
I think i ate some soy yogurt, muesli and a choccy rice cake afterwards - I find I always binge eat in the evenings :/ eh. But that day I thiiink i was okay.

SO, there we go! 
One more thing before i go; Starbucks do a VEGAN loaf slice. ADGJ CHSZGM`BHVCGUUgjvghvjseidfznejkzidjnjakrektbfgijxjUGR7YFGHUXHIBJFD OMG I KNOW!!!!!!!! Chocolate and hazelnut loaf slice - I had half with my mum it was so good!

Okay, TTFN my dearies!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Beanie Blogs #19: Vegan Macaroni Cheese, Halloween and School Stuff!


How's it going?

I haven't talked to you in a while.. Sorry!

So today I had my super yummy scrumalicious porridge topped with warm banana broken up and muesli, with a sprinkle of brown sugar, and then went to school (well after getting ready and driving there, etc)! Today was fun but our English teacher wasn't in so we had some other teachers sort of, "supervising" the class so we READ. For one hour and twenty minutes in total we READ.
Drama was fun ^_^ then after school, as i finished at 3:15 (I think) mum picked me up and we went to Costa (I had a soy gingerbread latte ^_^ yummy yummy).

I'm currently in my cool cute CHRISTMASSY PJ's drinking some chai tea (=story of my life).

What else should i tell you... I tell my mum and dad pretty much EVERYTHING from school and it probably wouldn't be very interesting on a blog so i'll skip past that. Tomorrow we're going up to some place because my brother's looking at universities -.- But on Sunday we're going somewhere more exciting and mum and I are gonna go to this REALLY CUTE looking teahouse! I'll most likely vlog, and take some picehs so I can do a little review on here ^_^

As it's Friday, i'm cooking dindins tonight (we have a little schedule for cooking nights that mum made :D That's what happens when you have a daughter who LOVES cooking, and a son who is rubbish at cooking but has to learn - yes, I am kind to my brother.) - I'm going to make this.
My dad and brother are probably going to be really scared; whenever I (or my mum) buy cool new vegan foods, they always shrivel their faces up into disgust (I don't think my brother can still get his head around one of my favourite foods; chocolate covered rice cakes). Because of my new veganism, I feel like my dad likes butter and cream and all those unhealthy dairy (dairy is healthy, but double cream and butter aren't fab) foods EVEN MORE. If we make apple pie or something, he just CHUCKS on the double cream.
But anywho, i won't tell them it's made with cashews ;) OR I'll wait until they say "YUM!" (they better) and then I'll say "BOOM. NO CHEESE. NOT EVEN VEGAN CHEESE. JUST CASHEWS AND OTHER YUMMY THINGS!"

In other news:

Sorry I keep on hopping from one subject to another and then back again, but yesterday at school we had this cute little event where you got put into a group with some people from other years, and you had to go around the school doing little activies - it was actually really fun! I was put with a boy from my year, who i don't really like (but seeing as part of my school may read this, i won't include names), a sweet year 5 girl and a CAYOOOOT year 1 girl! And today after lunch when we went outside to talk and play and shizz, I saw her and she ran over waving and said "HI ERIN!" - so sweeeet!

I really want everyone to call me Esh - i've been to my school OVER a month now and I STILL haven't said to everyone, "Oi. Esh is the name." Because... Oh I don't know! Maybe I'll have to come to terms with my name. Don't get me wrong, i love the name Erin but a nickname is just nicer for your friends to call you, it sounds so much more casual! But my mum and dad picked a name that can't be shortened (unless i wanted to be called "Er" or "Rin" or "E") so it'll be harder to "catch on" - but the name Esh isn't something i just made up; my mum, dad, brother and close friends have been calling me it since a baby! I love it when i go around M and J's and everyone calls me "Esh" or "EshBee" Teheh :D

Anyway, I will shut up about school, food and my name, and leave you and love you! Or is it the other way around... Hmmm... Who knows?!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beanie Blogs #18: Vegan Bakery Plans.

Hello all!

I thought I'd share a little future plan/idea of mine.

Okay, I would like to be an actress, for theatre. I pretty much always have been (apart from when I wanted to be a bus driver aged 6) - I've grown up with theatre around me, as my dad performs and mum likes reviewing people and stuff, so I really like it and would love to be an actress.
BUT; I also love the idea of owning a bakery. Actually I talked about this with my friends and I thought I will become an actress and my job "on the side" will be to own a bakery, ahaha I know that's not exactly a side job :D
But I would love to own a little vegan bakery/cafe as well as be an actress ^_^ I'd offer every type of tea, a selection of vegan cupcakes and muffins, cakes, pies, biscuits... And chai tea lattes ;)

That's pretty much it... I just wanted to share heheh. What are your job plans for the future (or for now)?


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Beanie Blogs #17: Illness, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Dance-y Stuff

Hello alll!

I've been ill the last two days, today I went back to school though - it was really nice; I came into the geography/history classroom, and most of them shouted "ERIIIIN!" so sweet <3
I finished right before lunch so mum and I went to Costa, I sneakily ate my packed lunch from dad and sipped on my SUPER YUMMY gingerbread latte.

STARBUCKS HAVE BROUGHT OUT PUMPKIN SPICE LATTEEESSS - wait, did I say that in my last blog post?
I prefer Starbucks over Costa, but Costa's gingerbread lattes are so gooood! So excited for Starbucks to release THEIR gingerbreadyummy lattes ^_^

I'm off to drama in about fifteen minutes - I think it's a workshop this time, which basically means instead of having an hour of drama, hour of singing and hour of dance, everyone (all the different age group companies; sounds confusing but it isn't teheh :D) gets together and we just practise stuff like the bows, etc. Did i say we're doing Beauty and the Beast for our Christmas production? Hm.... if I didn't, i'm playing the beggar woman! Haha, my laaavely friend is playing Amora, so basically i do a little scene and then run off stage, and my friend comes on to play... Well, me but prettier and more powerful :D (just so you know, Amora's the enchantress but she plays an old beggar lady at the beginning)
I'm really into dance at the moment; I've always liked it, but never been one of those, "OH MY PARENTS SENT TO ME TO THE ROYAL BALLET COMPANY WHEN I WAS TWO BECAUSE I AM JUST SO DARN TALENTED" (may I say, if you went to the Royal Ballet Company or whatever it's called when YOU were two - bravo! Actually anyone who does ballet i congratulate, i really want to start learning it - it's so elegant!) girls, but i do enjoy dance (even if it's just twizzling, swirling, twirling and jumping around my room to T. Swizzle). This is the only dance I do, and we do a whole mix of things but like i said, I'd like to do some ballet lessons ^_^

Hey, it's 11:25 PM right now -.- I forgot to finish this!
I went to drama, it was SO MUCH FUUUN! Then i had a dinner and a major snackathon which resulted in me feeling a bit iffy :/ But I'm off to bed now!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Beanie Blogs #16: Late Night Ramblings and 1ST OF OCTOBER!!!



I need to go to sleep soon...
So, my family and i just watched two episodes of Downton Abbey - i'm FINALLY watching it! Teheh, we borrowed the first and second season off my besties so we'll have to catch up pretty quickly!
Whilst watching it I snacked on a clementine (SO YUMMY and it SMELLS SO YUMMY, like festive christmas nommyness!), an apple and two chocolate rice cakes ^_^ I'm trying to become less obsessed by food; i mean, i LOVE food and recipes and stuff but I mean less obsessed by calories and stuff because that's almost on the verge of an eating disorder, but I've stopped counting calories and stuff now, I just try and eat healthy food. Lots of it, too ;)

Today I had only two lessons in school, then mum and I went to town and OH SNAP STARBUCKS DO PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE AAAAAAHHHHHHEEEEEEE OHMYGOSH FINALLY AHHH!
It was SOSOSO yummy, but a little on the almsot too sweet side, so next time I'm going to try the salted caramel hot choccy (all with soy milk, of course.) then I went BACK to school for a rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet... :( don't wanna think about it, but i hated it and really don't want to do it but that's not exactly an option D:

I came home, and had a bath using my Blackberry bath bomb from Lush (blackberries are in season,  and as i'm not a big fan of the taste; i used it them in my bath! Heheh :D) - ooh, side note on Lush; CHRISTMAS RANGE COMES OUT ON SATURDAY AHHHHHHHHHEEEEKKKK I KNOW LOTS OF EXCITMENT IN THIS POST ARRGGHHHEEEEEKKKHHGHK! Anywho, then I went on tumblr/youtube a bit, then had dinner (onion and canellini bean soup, some naan bread and a little bit of curry and rice... not much though because dad had cooked it in coconut milk and.... *shudder* just no to coconut milk from me.), then obviously snacked and watched Downton Abbey!

I feel I snack too much in the evenings, but when I look back, maybe i don't? Today I had vegan icecream too, but that's not the usual...
I think what I should do is take stuff and put it in a bowl, and eat that. Not get something little and then something else and then something else; i should just get one bigger snack or a bowl of little snacks and not go back to the kitchen, otherwise I often feel a bit full in the evenings.

Anyway, sorry for my brainless rambling, I gotta go now, byeee!