Friday, August 31, 2012

Beanie Blogs #4: Weird Burgers and Chillyness


I am reading, "SbuxProblems" on Twitter... i don't know why.

SO, I am hungry. Very hungry. Well it's sort of run off for a bit but I'm sure it'll be back soon - white cannelini bean burgers and salad for dinner tonight (hopefully) nomnom - the burgers looked amazing on this

Um, hey! Basically, my mum and iha to go and pick up my brother and da from town so I left my blog post unfinished and, well now I'm here!
The burgers were strange, they weren't bad but seeing as I left out two of the ingredients they weren't very flavour-ful. But, with tomato and a bit of lettuce inside a brown roll it was lovely ^_^

Today's weather was strange. It was so lovely and cold and then it was sunny and warm (but breezy woop!) and now cold but I suppose that's autumn for you. 39 minutes left of August :D

I'm going to catch up on twitter/instagram/tumblr/maybeyoutubeand then sleep so, ta-ta!


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