Monday, November 19, 2012

The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!


Yesterday mum and I went to this beautiful Christmss craft fair; we bought this really pretty material hanging heart with a cinnamon stick (which smells so goooood!), some dairy free date and walnut cake (which is quite nice, but also quite tastless :/), Christmas bunting and a glass soap dish.
Going there I felt like Kirsty (from Kirsty's handmade Christmas, Vintage Home, etc) - as she always wafts through craft fair's buying little beautiful handmade things.

It was so Christmassy; not only because it smelt like spices, it was really cold and everyone was eating mince pies - but because there was loads of Christmas cheer. It made me so happy - one of my favourite parts of Christmas, and probably the one at the top of the (very long) list, is the festive spirit and how jolly people are around this time of the year (minus my brother and grandpa, who like to play the part of Scrooge - before he gets all nice - in November/December). I know it sounds cheesy but it's true!

And just incase you guys feel like everyone around isn't jolly enough;

Okay, I'll talk to you later!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Two Things (and an extra thing)

A short post today, I have two things mostly on my mind:

On Sunday, my mum and I have planned to go to this craft fair which I'm really excited about, but there's also this Christmas lights thing on at 5... Wait, maybe this isn't a dilemma? I was thinking about asking my friends at school if they were going to the lights ceremony... Okay sorry just had to sort my thoughts out...

YES. That's right. I watched Love Actually back in October (I still can't believe it's November! Eek so exciting I loooove the holiday season!!!) and On Monday night we watched White Christmas (which is brilliant) and last night I watched Elf. I'm in the spirit, I guess you could say ;) but there is this film I've heard lots about on blogs but NEVER seen - it's called Eloise at Christmastime; I think I'll watch that soon... But I might leave some films until December ^_^

Oh, and I have a third thing.

I read Molly's holiday bucket list and I think I'm going to copy it, it's so jolly! Okay that is all.


Monday, November 12, 2012



Teheh, now coffee looks like a funny word. I don't know what's wrong with me.

So here I am, sitting on an armchair in my Nanny and Grandpa's flat, in my school uniform (with a very scary looking top knot), with nothing to do(which is not true, I need to learn my lines and do some maths but SHHHH! ;D) just thinking about coffee.

My first experience with coffee wasn't great. I was quite young, not crazy young but in lower school, and my dad was making his night time coffee. I asked to try some so he made me a normal, very caffeinated, BLACK coffee. I put heaps of sugar into it, and drank it - "ew." I wasn't a big fan of it but I'm pretty sure I drank it all, then I got into bed and my hands started trembling and I got a massive headache and couldn't go to sleep for about two or three hours; oh caffeine, you're so kind.

I avoided coffee but when I got into Starbucks, I tried their gingerbread latte and I was HOOKED. After christmas, I forgot about coffee for a really REALLY long time, until earlier this year (around September time) when I tried another latte from PRET, and it made me feel sick so I decided to just CUT IT OUT. Ah, but my story isn't over yet (oh no, I hear.) I now love coffee. I still have to have a latte (not as much sugar as I used to, I only get coffee at Starbucks/costa but I make sure it's only about one pump of the syrup) but i LOVE IT. It still makes me go quite trembly but HEY I like the caffeinated kick. This isn't am obsession, don't worry.

Awwwright and that was (boring) story time with Esh! Now I'm going to eat some lunch; well in like twenty minutes. Twenty dragging minutes...

Goodbye my little gingerbreaddies!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Simple Things.

There is this magazine called The Simple Things; it is my favourite magazine EVER. I've only got one copy and it is perfect. At the end, it has a list of "simple things" - I suppose they're a bit like monthly favourites. I've stolen a couple, because they're so true! And many of these will be the same for next month, but hopefully this is going to be a monthly thing. Okay, I could write lots of "simple things" but here are mine for November:

Getting into bed with clean white sheets and a pretty patterned duvet.

Going so fast on the bike that you feel you're riding in the air.

Honey and far too much (vegan) butter drizzled on crunchy, seedy toast.

Walking along a street laced with glittering fairy lights, with a Starbucks seasonal latte to warm your hands.

Christmas pyjamas with knitted slippers.

A fire crackling.

The crisp cold air, biting your cheek... And then the rush to a cup of tea.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November Goals.

Hello! Considering I spend 85% of the time on food blogs (pretty much), I really should blog more.
I've seen quite a few people do these goal blogposts - I think they're good because its like a bucket list, but a monthly bucket list, it should help me get things done as I know I have a deadline.
Before I start may I just say how much I LOVE November?! October, November and December are my faves ^_^

Okay, heeeeere we go!
1. Learn all my lines for Beauty and the Beast: I know it's sort of terrible, but I'm still not 100% sure of them. We perform at the beginning of December so I need to get a wriggle on!

2. Learn some of the lines for Rom&Jule. I've had a lot of drama for this play (well, it IS a dramatic play isn't it? ;) ) but basically I am doing the first half as Juliet and then my friend is going to take over (though it has still turned out that I have about a bazillion lines... Emmdxhjbfrjbckehvxei). It's going to take a while learning all the flipping lines, and the performance is in February. I also think its easier acting when you know your lines :)

3. Gain weight. This is a bit of a weird goal, but it's sort of essential. I am classed as "underweight", and it would make me a lot happier if I weighed more, to make me feel stronger and shizz. I know lots of people would say its silly how I'm concerned about this because I'm not that old; but I need to make sure I grow knowing I'm strong and healthy. I got this new app which tells me how many calories to eat and stuff (though I don't count calories (if you do; be careful because you can get obsessed by it), its good knowing how MUCH you should eat) so, hopefully by the end of this month I'll be in the healthy weight category!

4. Walk the dogs more. I loveeeee the winter (winter's come nice and early this year :D) and I'd just love to walk my doggies more - my dad does it everyday but on the weekends I'd like to. I'd ideally like to go jogging but I don't really want to on my own, and I don't think any of my friends who live in my village are interested but we'll see!

And that's it! I started listening to christmas music today ^_^ 'TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY, GUYS!

Talk to you later! :)


Thursday, November 1, 2012

How I Spent Halloween

I can't believe it's November!!! THIS IS SO COOL EEEK! But I definitely don't want to rush this time; this is my favourite time of the year (Christmassy time), so I like to make the most out of it - which means no counting down to Christmas for me ^_^

Yesterday, though it was Halloween, I had a very Christmassy day! My mum and I baked and baked and baked;
We were making chocolate biscotti! It turned out sooo yummy! This was it before getting cut up ^

I made these. They look TERRIBLE. They're suppost to be chocolate chip cookies, but they spread so much they made one giant cookie so we had to cut it. They're quit tasty, but they just fall apart and they're really sticky so :(

Excuse me whilst I bombard you with pictures of the beautiful biscotti (i ate two little pieces in the making teheh :D)

I also made these spice biscuits - they look really funny but they taste pretty good!

Then we had lunch, then went out to town to do a bit of festive shopping! It got dark as we were there, and lots of fairy lights in town turned on and it looked so beautiful.

 It was actually a really succesful shopping trip! Haul is on my channel ^_^ But then we came home, and had a little bit of time to have tea and a biscotti (...or two.)

 Merlin looked very proud of himself whilst sitting at the table :D
This was one of my purchases ^_^

So there we go! A lovely day :) We then watched Woman in Black and ate spicy pumpkin soup >,< i say watched... I mostly just closed my eyes and hid behind a cushion.
 But tonight some of my friends are coming over and we're gonna make popcorn and pizza and watch Nightmare Before Christmas!!! :D ONE more thing; TIME TO LISTEN TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

...Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

That song is stuck in my head. And i'm happy about it.

I actually can't believe that Bonfire Night is on MONDAY(not tomorrow, I meant next week woops heheh)! We're celebrating it  on Sunday though - so even earlier!
See, last year I was REALLY excited about Christmas around September time, and my mum said that I was allowed to listen to Christmas songs, go Christmas shopping, and generally be excited for Christmas - after Fireworks/Bonfire Night! :D
This year I've been more into Autumn, as i don't like counting down to Christmas because it goes waaay to fast if you do - but I have been watching Christmas programmes, singing Christmas songs, and baking Christmassy things because you know what? IT'S NEARLY THE TIME FOR FESTIVITIES.
Let's just say in November, the festivities begin!

So I woke up, thinking I'd slept in WAAAY too long - I went to the kitchen after getting dressed and ready (i wasn't really in the mood for a lazy Sunday pyjama morning), and saw it was 9:44. Yep, I'd slept in late. So I made myself breakfast (these SUPER DUPER YUMMY oaty clusters from Waitrose with a chopped banana, soya milk and a chai tea and clementine on the side) and went to the living room to blog, youtube, etc - I looked up at the clock and OH SNAP it was 8:59?! Turns out, the hour had changed. Wow that was a long paragraph for such a boring story...

Yep, after hours of internet-ing, I got grumpy and decided to some crafty stuff but we had none of the essential materials or anything! So i opened up my scrap book and saw the salt dough Christmas deccies recipe thing from Kirstie's Handmade Christmas!
I AM OBSESSED WITH THAT PROGRAM :D It makes me feel so cosy and crafty and Christmassy!

My Christmas decorations are in the oven now; it was so much fun to make! And so easy!
Half a cup of salt (mmmm, tasty.), a cup of flour - then slowly pour in half a cup of water, and knead (it says for ten minutes but I did mine for about five heheh) until you get a soft, pliable ball of dough! Then roll onto a floured surface, cut out shapes, and either microwave for 2-3 minutes, or leave them to airdry for a couple of days OR do what I've done, and put them in the oven on the lowest heat until they harden (I've put the timer on for an hour)! Then paint, decorate, and hang on your tree! Obviously mine will have about a month of storage time, but it's good to be prepared!

I remember making salt dough decorations at school, in year 1 I think. I've still got mine - it's a lumpy massive heart, with rubbish red painting and cloves sticking out of it. It's "rustique", okay? But it smells AWESOME. To me, cloves smell just like Christmas <3

Soooo yeah! I'll talk to you later, byeee!