Sunday, September 30, 2012

WIAT: #1

I've decided instead of doing what I ate Wednesday's, I'll do what i ate TODAY's :D Apart from i ate this yesterday....

YUMYUMYUM - for breakfast I had Dorset Cereals gingerbread porridge (my favouuurite <3) with soya milk, and half a banana (i just gobbled up the other half) I'm not sure about putting fruit ON my gingerbread porridge... I love fruit with breakfast, but with a flavoured porridge I think it's better on the side... ANYWHO.

My mum and i went to get our haircut, and then we went to Uncle's to "Pop 'round" - came home at like half two, i was so hungry, so i munched up an apple ^_^
 Lunch was soso good - we thawed out some leek and potato soup dad had made (he'd gone crazy with the quantities, again, so we have loads of frozen soup now) and to the side, had a honey and sunflower seeded roll from Budgens which was a tad strange because it was white bread, which I'm not really used to anymore, and it was sort of sweet... But it was quite nice.
 We bought these beautiful plums so I just had to eat two!
 I decided to finally do my homework, and to help me think I thought to drink chocolate soya milk - but i got a bit sick of the sweetness, though the chocolate milk is super yummy, so I only drank half...
 But then made myself a chai tea!
 I really wasn't very hungry, and I know you shouldn't eat when you don't really feel like it blah blah blah but mum had bought THESE from Dorset Cereals - they tasted JUST LIKE A BROWNIE! It was incredible! I do usually eat a snack around 4ish to keep my blood sugar levels up, and this was PERFECT! Dorset Cereals bars are my favourite; I like 9bar, but i feel they're a little too sweet for me so I love these ones - i'm pretty sure this must be packed with antioxidants though because it's got dark chocolate and raisins in ^_^
 No, I didn't eat James and his CUUUTE doggy - but look how adorable! JAMES TO WIN THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF! WOOOOOT!
 Rubbish picture, I know - i had to take a picture of my brothers before he went for THIRDS. Mum made this pasta dish from Nigella; it was really yummy! I had seconds :)

For dessert i made my mum and I this little bowl of goodness (I also had another piece of my bread - bit of a seconds day :/) - i made cinnamon fruit and nut bread earlier, though it didn't really turn out like bread it turned out more like a BAR... But it was still yummy! So I added some soy yogurt and a plum, with a english breakfast tea on the side - it was so yummy!

So I hope you enjoyed this slightly strange food diary thing! :D


Friday, September 28, 2012

WIAW - no... What I've Been Eating (on Friday...)

Hello! I want to start doing WIAW's, but it's Friday... And i'm not very good at taking pictures of ALL my meals...
SO, instead you're getting a WIAF, with just a few pictures dotted around - next Wednesday I'll try and do a better post!

 As I came home from school, I really wasn't in the mood for a granola bar (which is my usual after-school snack to keep my sugar levels up ;D) because my sweet tooth has just RUN AWAY! So I had this, a chai tea with soya milk and alpro raspberry yogurt with a sprinkle of muesli (the yogurt was a bit sweet too though!)
 On Wednesday, it's Chinese night so dad cooked up a yummy stir fry - i ate mine before taking a picture so i took a picture of the leftovers in the wok :D
 After dinner I had a yummy chai tea latte ^_^ nom nom...

 Dorset Cereals Gingerbread porridge (HOW COOL AHH SO YUMMY NOMMM) and a chai tea!
 This is what I had for breakfast today - gingerbread porridge with an apple cut on top!
Yesterday I had a yummy salad and a piece of bread for lunch - mum and dad weren't too happy though, they said it wasn't enough for lunch but it was yummy! Excuse the terrible pictures, these two were taken on my mac...

 We went to Costa after school yesterday and I got a YUMMY gingerbread latte with soy milk! SO FESTIVE!

Hope you enjoyed this rubbish-y what i've been eating post!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beanie Blogs #15: Gingerbread Porridge, Failed Pumpkin Seeds and My Day!

Hello my little pumpkin seeds!

I'm trying to edit a tea vlog at the moment (well, not LITERALLY at the moment as that would take four eyes, two computers and four hands. That would be creepy.) but - well, I edited (most) of it, and then iMove decided to go cray-cray and turn off so it deleted everything eeehh D:
I also have history homework to do. Oh dear.

SOOOO, how are you all today?
I woke up at 7:22, and got dressed suuuper quickly, then got some BREAKFAST.
*runs to kitchen to turn pumpkin seeds* (i'll explain that in a min
It's from Dorset Cereals and it is sososo yummy! It has little chunks of gingerbread (well, not like cut up gingerbread, but little chunks of gingery stuff that just BURSTS full of Christmas flavour) in and it so is SOOSOSOSO warming and scrummy >,< ^_^

Then, my mum and I dropped my  brother off at sixth form, and went into town to go to the library (where i did a bit of my history homework, read a bit, and went on about three million food blogs <3), then at 12-ish, we walked to my school. I went in, had English (which was good, i love my teacher for English she's so nice :D), ate my packed lunch that dad made me heheh, had French (BLURGH.) and then HOOOME!

I munched on a 9Bar and drank a hot cup of fire chai whilst blogging/vlogging/youtubing/tumblring (the usual stuff).

BASICALLY, my mum and I tried out a Lorraine Pascal recipe for PUMPKIN MUFFINS (THAT'S RIGHT WE BOUGHT A PUMPKIN IN WAITROSE AAHHHHHHH I PRACTIALLY SCREAMED, AND I GAVE THE PUMPKIN A KISS - i think some old ladies were a bit scared of me after i kissed it...) but they turned out pooey eh D: But I scooped the pumpkin seeds out, and i'm just roasting them (with a bit of oil, salt and cinnamon) now ^_^

It is SO cold. I love it!

*next day*
I didn't finish my post yesterday. Sigh and tutut, I know. But basically;
1. Pumpkin seeds didn't turn out right
2. I made falafel burners with pitta. Bread and salad for dinner last night
3. I want to start doing WIAW's.
4. It is raining SOSO hard I love t!

Okay, byeeee!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to make a Fire Chai Tea!

HELLOOOO! Today, I will be teaching you on how to make a chai tea latte (or a Fire Chai... it has a ring to it.)
I think i PREFER this one to Starbucks :O

This is the drink that I'm starting to have in the evenings, but it's lovely any time of the day ecspecially as it is NOW OFFICIALLY AUTUMN (since yesterday! WOOOT WOOOT WOOOT!)!
It's so warming, not only because it's actually WARM but the spices are just so laaavely!


  • 2/3 of your mug (not cup, just choose a mug and fill it 2/3 up) of milk (normal, soy, almond, etc)
  • 1/3 water
  • a chai tea bag
  • Sweetener to taste (i used one tsp of agave syrup - so good!!!)
  • A generous pinch of cinnamon
  • optional: FROTHY MILK!
Okay, what you do is; put the milk and water in a saucepan, put the chai tea bag in and let heat up for about 2 minutes (I just sort of put it in, waited until it was getting hot and then put the rest of the ingredients in), then put in the cinnamon and sweetener and give it a really good stir, to get all the flavour from the teabag and to dissolve the sweetener and cinnamon. Then, once hot, pour into a mug and ENJOY!
OR, froth some milk up, put it on top, sprinkle with cinnamon and THEN enjoy!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Beanie Blogs #14: Cookies, OFFICIAL START TO AUUUTUMN WOOT WOOT and School-y Things!


I'm watching back MORE Vlogmas videos ^_^ teheh :D
I LOOOVE watching back old videos, I don't know why, it's just so nostalgic and festive and eeeeee <3

I made cookies earlier - ANOTHER recipe! I have been trying to find perfect vegan cookies, but it's hard! BUT, these ones are sosososossososososososoSOSOSOSOSOSO yummy! They're pretty thin, but really chewy and sweet and yumyumyumyum (i've had two and a half.)
They went a tad wrong though. Okay, when I was trying out my first VEGAN cookie recipe (not mine, i mean i was trying out someone elses' ;)) i put them into little cookie dough balls, put them on the tray, put them (put them put them put them) in the oven, and they didn't move. They stayed stupid little un-cookie like shapes! So this time (using a rather wet batter, i think i put too much milk in) I made them into cookie shapes then put them in the oven. Big mistake. It formed one thin giant cookie, so I had to cut them up myself so they're all odd different shapes, BUT THEY TASTE GOOD!
Note to self: Next time, make them into cookie dough balls (OOOH OR MAYBE I'LL MAKE THEM IN A MUFFIN TRAY THING! They'll all be the same size that way!)!
But yay for yummy cookies!


And it's really cold ^_^ Though, at school we have to go outside at break time and after lunch and i don't think I'm aloud to wear MY coat. The school sells blazers but 1) blazers aren't very warming and 2) they're flipping expensive and I don't want mum to buy me a poshly cut piece of thin fabric.
But maybe i'll be able to sneak about wearing my fox gloves without getting caught >:D

Today at school was preeetty good - in English we all read for about 3/4 of the lesson, and then we talked about reading - but reading's fun so it's all good! (we pretty much did the same in the English lesson later on too) Then drama was okay; we were doing "status" which I've done quite a few times with my lovely old drama group (who i miss :( sniffle), but y'know, oh well.

I'm going to this girls birthday party tomorrow :O I'm slightly nervous... I did make the cookies for her party, but they're not very pretty heheh so I'm gonna make some cinnamon cupcakes or just some plain fairy cakes - with eggs in, but the chickens come from next door and they're happy hens so it's all good!

Bedumbedumbedum.... How's your life my little leaves?

Okay, I'm going to go: watch some more old youtube videos, have a bath, then eat dinner!
Toodle pip!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Easy Basil Pesto Sauce!

My family and I were really disappointed when we found out that shop bought pesto pretty much ALWAYS has Parmesan in (which has got rennet in, a product derived from a cows insides). This pesto recipe I LOVE, it tastes so... Real. If you've had shop bought all your life this may taste different but as I love garlic and basil (super foods!) I love this recipe :)

I'm afraid I don't have a picture, but it's a slightly pale green colour, though it gets darker as it heats with the pasta :) its just so yummy!
this is quite a loose recipe, as it does depend on taste. Add more or less garlic, basil, lemon juice, etc it really depends on how you like it! But the recipe down below is how I make it

  • A large handful of basil (also, this only served four lunch sized portions, and it was quite pesto-y so this may make enough for more but you may have to stretch it a little bit)
  • Three cloves of garlic
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/4 cup of lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup of olive oil
  • A large handful of walnuts
So, to make just out everything in a food processor, test it and adjust to taste then stir in with hot pasta, put broccoli and tomato on the side and that's it! So easy and yummmmy!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beanie Blogs #13: Pesto, Biking and Healthy Eating


This evening I made PESTO woot! It was so nommy, recipe will be up next time I make it! (I forgot to take pictures)
I also made granola bars, but I made it in a tin that was too big so it's all a bit crumbly but I've eaten three dumbly parts and they're really nommy so YAY!

Today my mum, brother and I drove to town as always, my brother got a bus to the centre for sixth form and mum and I cycled in! It was really hard work even though the road is flat and it's not that far out, but I think it's because my bike is WAY too small for me do it's really uncomfortable... But it's good that I'm biking again, need to use hose leg muscles!
Tonorrow's my "full day" at school... That always scares me, I don't know why, but it does :D I think it's because I'm there from 8:45 to 3:50 and... Gosh I don't know but it's my only full day out of te week so yeah.

RIGHT. Let's get serious. SRS. SRSBSNSS.
That's right; FOOD.
I LOOOVE cooking and baking as you know and in my past time I read food blogs and just read hundreds of recipes, but recently as I got into "health and nutrition" shizz, I started calorie counting.
Not good.
I didn't want to lose weight, but I got worried about how many calories I was consuming??? My mum and dad got really worried about me because (and side note: theycan be over dramatic) they thought I was becoming an anorexic. Which is completely not true because I would never dream of such a thing! But I've stopped calorie counting now. I eat sweet treats! And I don't follow a low carb or low fat diet, I just eat YUMMY, HEALTHY FOOD. That doesn't mean I just eat salad. I'm not the healthiest person in the planet, but I make sure I don't eat processed junky food, and then I know I'm doing fine! Okay this is what I've eaten today:
Breakfast: a bowl of muesli with soya milk
Snack: a banana and soy chai
Lunch: four mini pittas, cucumber sticks, celery sticks, red pepper sticks and homeade humous (SO GOOD. I'd rather et that than a giant burger, wouldn't you? Homeade yummyness)
Snack: a piece of wholemeal toast with strawberry jam
Dinner: a bowl of pasta with homeade pesto with Brocolli and tomatoes, then a couple of chunks of granola bar
This was a slightly random topic, but if youre in a rut of "healthy eating" I'm here to help ^_^

The confused dot con adverts are very... Disturbing.

Okay gonna pop off now! Nunight!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Beanie Blogs #12: Sushi, Homework and Silly Girls

HELLO! I feel like I haven't talked to you in a while... BUT I'M HERE NOW!

So, the end of the weekend *sigh* - this weekend was fun. Yesterday we had a dinner party with the neighbours and slaved away in the kitchen for hours (if it wasn't hours, it felt like quite a long time.. Dinner party's are stressful!) making sushi and noodle soup and mum made this really yummy noodle coleslaw thing and these amazing yummy veggie wontons ^_^ then for dessert we had this rather dodgy steam red bean pudding thing - not my cup of tea, but it's good to try new things!
Today I went out to town with Maddie and Josie as it's their biiiirrrfffddaaayyy! We went to Pizza Express (I got one of their HOLE-Y* leggria pizzas without cheese  - supper nommy!) and then did a bit of shopping (I bought Twilight bath bomb from Lush and a pair of owl earrings that I slightly regret'd buying from Accessorize), and hooome!
I've been doing my homework -.- fuuun. For my English homework I had to do the beginning of a horror story which sounds easy but because i frikkin' left it (I REALLY need to do my homework straight away!!!) I found it really hard, but I've done it and mum thinks it's so good so hopefully the teacher will too! For French I had to, I don't know, translate something or rather (mum helped me ^_^).
I've been REALLY dramatic recently. I mean, I am an incredibly dramatic person but I keep on getting angry or cry-y or stressy and whenever someone points it out I feel even MORE angry, gosh such a typical girl :D

Anywho, I'm gonna pop off now and ask when dindins is ready - tataaa!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beanie Blogs: #11: Halloween Food, Boring Roads and Romeo and Juliet!

I'm in school again TEHEH :D today's my "long day" - I start at 8:45 and finish at 3:50 (I think...) so my one FULL DAY :O
I have a few library breaks though... Like this one. Ten minutes until double history and then home!

So, gosh I have so much to talk about... Well none of it's particularly interesting but HO HUM!

Okay, first of all; the school is doing a production of (of course) Romeo and Juliet, a modern (of course) version - and though it's quite predictable to do a MODERN DAY Romeo and Juliet, it's still very exciting and I've signed up for acting/singing ^_^

I got really excited because I saw this recipe for, wait for it.... PUMPKIN S'MORE HALLOWEEN CUPCAKES.
Now we're not actually having a Halloween garden party now, we're doing it for Fireworks Night BUUUT I've seen SOSSOOSOSOSO many exciting Halloween Autumn-y recipes so later I'm going to ask my mummy if we could have a sort of dinner party do I can make things like pumpkin soup and those cupcakes :D
I've also looked up facts about the earth! And hey, baking is an interest of mine so let's just pretend it's educational! Well it can be, I learnt about xanthan gum and arrowroot.

Five minuuuuutes....

SO nervous about history. Mum and I did a horrible late night homework session last night because I had been putting it off for a while and then mum reminded me and I was like "OH DEAR." and I had to answer these questions about this boring road (sorry Mr Road but you need a nickname or something to jazz you up a bit) and then in the lesson we have to speak for a WHOLE MINUTE on it D; kneeeyahhhhhhhhhh!

Okay, gonna go now - tataaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beanie Blogs #10: Rebel, Baking and Scientific Ingredients!

Hello alllllllll!

I'm writing this on mum's iPad in the school library *shocked face* REBEL! Well it's blogging, which means writing so it's all good practise.
Next lesson at 2:35 is French... Huzzah.... French isn't so gods - English is loads of fun and it's really good though I wish it was a little longer than forty minutes... But I'm glad that French is forty mins :D

This morning mum and i dropped my brother off at college then went to town and did a little shopping for Maddir and Josie's birthday which is this Sunday!
We also bought a new recipe book!!! ARGH IM SO EXCITED BY THIS!!! It's this lady called Erin's book, she owns a bakery called Babycakes in NYC and she makes vegan sweet treats and stuff! She uses really sort of "unusual" quite fancy ingredients like xanthan gum, rice flour and applesauce in her cookies, cakes and bakes which is new to me because I'm very used to the simple plain flour, butter, sugar, etc.
She makes these INCREDIBLE looking donuts that you don't deep fat fry you bake them! But the recipe I'm desperate to try out either this evening or this weekend, and it is OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIES. YUM. They look like the perfect consistency <3 it says in the book to follow the instructions EXACTLY and make sure the ingredients are very exact (vegan baking can be pretty scientific, it's rather cool ^_^) but in these cookies I'm going to add some cinnamon so (hopefully!) they taste like the fruit and nut cinnamon cookies from Starbucks :)

Sorry, get me talking about baking and I won't stop :D I'm really excited because I'm running the cafe with two of my friends for thus event mum and dad are putting on soon! I'm gonna bake dairy free coffee and walnut cake, dairy free fairy cakes and some type of vegan cookies/biscuits.
Tonight is my cooking dinner night (we made a cute little timetable for school and cooking and shizz :D) and I'm planning on making this very vegetable-y healthy "winter veg shepherds pie" :D

It's so nice and chilly today! HUZZAH! Okay five minutes until I have to go to French, and then I go home! Hoot hoot! I might talk more about my day later :)

Ta-taaaaaa for now!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beanie Blogs #9: Ouchy Head, Food and AUTUMN LOVE!

no capitalisation or punctuation there because this is how im talking today because my head hurts. so bad.
and its my fault, because we've got loads of fruit flies in our kitchen which are sososoo gross and i swear i have a phobia of them, so when they're near i start having a spaz attack and it makes my head hurt and so now i have got a HORRIBLE headache and it's all my stupid fault.

Okay, anyway, I shouldn't think about it otherwise i'll think it's gotten worse.

SO, first of all I wanted to say thank you to everyone because you've all been sososo lovely and nice and sweet to me about the whole school hoo-ha, you've all really cheered me up ^_^ But I wanted to say that Friday and Thursday were a LOT better; I talked to everyone lots and the teachers are brilliant and I really enjoyed myself so hopefully all my woes are left behind! On Friday, once I'd gotten back from school, i instantly but on all my bracelets and painted my nails a very dashing blue (Un-For-Greta-Bly Blue by OPI :D) and I was all like "WOOT WOOT WEEKEND!" heheh it's rather fun >,<
Last night we went round next doors for the last night at The BBC Proms (I've never watched the Proms before :O) and dindins - I had three pieces of vegan pizza, two pieces of french stick bread, some couscous salad, two falafel's (I always thought falafel was spelt; falaffel... Strange...) and some bean salad so quite a spread of yummy things! I left before the Proms had finished as it was late and I really wanted to watch Youtube teheh.

I have a confession.
I can't WAIT until OCTOBER!!!
Here in September we're on the way to Autumn but it's really stupidly warm today which SUCKS, though I've tricked myself into thinking it's cold by wearing fairisle tights and a cable knit jumper ^_^ But i've been watching back my old Christmassy videos and everyone's old Vlogmas videos just because I feel so JOLLY.
But now I REAAAALLY want to make Christmas cookies... not good. But don't worry, don't worry, I'm not excited for Christmas (weeell maybe alittle bit, but mostly for the build up for Christmas as Christmas whizzes by so fast you just HAVE to make a big deal about the build up; it's the best bit.) but all those videos are just so cozy and jolly and... LAAAAVELY!

Right, I will love you and leave you (I nearly forgot to mention that i've been calling people duckie recently... Not sure why...), tataaa!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to make Homeade Chunky, Healthy, Hearty Vegan Pizza!

I'm sorry I haven't done a recipe post in a while! :O
I've been a tad busy with school and shizz, but here I am again!

This pizza is SO GOOD. I have had many arguments with my brother and his friends over this, but I MUCH prefer chunky, healthy, hearty homeade pizza rather than greasy, cheesy, no-vegetable pizza out of carboard boxes - so if you are like me and prefer homeade pizza, give this a go! Also you can make it non-vegan by adding mozzarella on top if you'd like ^_^

For zis, you will need:

  • 450g of strong bread flour
  • 1tsp of salt
  • 1tsp of sugar (I don't think it matters too much, but, however much I love and PREFER brown sugar, i don't think it would work in this so try castar or granulated)
  • 2 sachets/7g of fast action dried yeast
  • 300ml of warm water
  • 2 tpsp of olive oil
And for the toppings, choose any you wish!

First of all, sift the flour into a large bowl, then stir in the sugar, salt, and yeast (note: yeast smells icky.) Then add the water (mine was luke-warm, and it probably should've been WARM, not hot, not lukewarm, but WARM) and oil.
Stir with a wooden spoon just to make sure it's combined a little but as soon as it starts turning into a dough, WASH YOUR HANDS and start pulling the dough into a nice smooth ball. 
Knead for 10 minutes (it takes patience - I knead-ed for two minutes then called mum to do it because it turns out that I cannot knead.) until elastic-y.
Then, leave in a bowl in a warm-ish place (i.e. Not Antartica, which in the winter is usually minus 70 degrees celcius) with a damp tea towel or cling film covering it. Then wait and after one hour plus (until it's doubled in size), knead again for around two minutes. 
My mum and i made a huge pizza in a large tray sort of pan, but it says in the recipe to divide into two pizzas, then leave to rise on the tin/tins for ten minutes.
Whilst rising, cut up your veggies! I chose red pepper, cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn (i LOOOOOVE sweetcorn on my pizza!), basil, and courgette (mum added olives and onion to hers) ALSO add garlic if you like that garlic-y taste.
Once risen again, spread tomato sauce lightly over the pizza, just brushing the crust VERY lightly so it doesn't burn - then add your toppings, and drizzle/brush with a tiny bit of olive oil to prevent burning. Then put it in a hot hot oven at 220 degrees celcius, and cook until.. Well, until it's cooked (sorry! But it should look slightly brown on the crust, and all the veggies should have a nice colour to them so around 15-20 minutes) just keep on checking ;)

AND VOILA! There is your chunky perfect rustique pizza!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beanie Blogs #8: School Woes, More School Woes and... MORE School Woes!!!

Hello pretty people!

I'm just sitting here on my bed being as productive as it gets (editing, blogging) with my PRODUCTIVE BUN IN MY HAIR. (tutorial on my new hair channel with fwendlings yay)
So, some of you wanted to know how SCHOOOOL is going, and I think it's good to say so in years to come I can look back and be like, "Woah.... I was such a loner in school LOLLLL" (Okay hopefully i won't say that...)

I'm gonna be preeeeetty open so FINGERS CROSSED no one from school is reading this (TOTEZ AWWWKS if they were...);

On my first day, I cried. Yes. I cried.
I broke down and turned into moaning myrtle by running to the girls toilets in my "study time" (i.e. Whilst a lesson is going on that I don't do, for example maths or chemistry, I go off to the library to... err... study.) and cried. And text my mum which you are strictly not aloud to do (WHUUUT I AM SUCH A REBEL.), and moaned to her.
When the school bell rang, I rushed out and ran to mum's car - after lots of tears and reassuring words I had sort of "made up my mind" about it; i will give it a few weeks (though at the time I was literally DREADING going back the next day.), and think of school as where you learn (which is what is is, heheh) not a friend-meeting-place (reason i was upset: Lots of people were talking and shouting in classes, so I couldn't concentrate and no one stood out as a good friend to me - woah, harsh i know, but it's true.)

Today, I went in and was LATE. Well, I wasn't late for the lesson; everyone had sort of sat down but they were sorting themselves out and stuff, and nothing had started - but anyway, no one was in the playground and I was freaking out because I had no idea where geography was but SO LUCKILY a lovely girl from Year 10 who I talked to yesterday, came and helped me which was sososo sweet of her ^_^ I then went to double Geography, which was REALLY good and I love my teacher, and then it was BREAK.
I. Hate. Break.

You know why? Because I sort of have to stand around with my year group - and i'm not saying they're mean or boring or anything, because they're really sweet people, but as they have been friends for a while it was sort of hard to talk to them, and they were talking about who's going out with who, and making rude jokes and I was a little bit like, "hm." y'know? I realllly hope no one from school is reading this, i sound so horrible...
(in Wild Child, Poppy writes emails to Ruby complaining about the girls... Maybe it'll be like that wooooops! They're lovely but they don't like nerds or harry potter and stuff :( )

But then it was History, which was great, French, which was okay, form time; which i liked because i LOVE my form tutor (other people say they hate her but she's so sweet?) and then I headed off to the library whilst math's was on, and talked to two girls from Year ten who are really nice :)
Theeeenn it was Geography again, and before lunch - I went home! Well, my mum and i went to Costa (soy hot choccy ^_^ Costa do really good hot chocolate!)then picked up my brother, and went home!

Sorry for the very moany/biatchy (excuse my language) post, but I needed to LET IT ALL OUT.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beanie Blogs #7: Breakfast idea, OPI and Operations!


It doesn't feel like I am though it just feels like... Oh I don't know it just feels WEIRD and wrong!
But hopefully it'll be nice ^_^

Breakfast idea: yogurt and granola/muesli.
Personally I hate natural yogurt but soy yogurt with muesli is BLISS, I had it as a snack yesterday but I had to have it for breakfast this morning (I used Dorset Cereal organic muesli: it's got oats, raisins, nuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds in it's so goooooood!)

So I'm in the dear world of Starbucks right now, finished my soy chai tea latte and banana :) my mum and I are going to do a little shop today heheh :D I just bought this CUUUUTE little mini OPI set called "Ger-Minis" (it's the Germany collection ^_^) really excited to try one out this weekend!
I need (okay need isn't the right word... Heheh) some stuff from Accesorize; a wallet, and some prezzies for my friends birthdays :D

So yesterday my dad had his knee op - you might not know this but my family and I actually sort of live upstairs whh sounds weird aha but my granny used to live downstairs so now we use it for mum and dads room, the laundry room and a sort of book/Xbox room haha, but yesterday and for a couple of days, my dad has to stay downstairs so we made pizza and brought it downstairs and watched a film which was nice :) but because of dads knee he has to rethink his whole JOB so we've been doing lots of thinking of sort of what's gonna happen.
That was a slighty pointless update...

So... How is life everyone?

It's too sunny :( C'MON AUTUMN! It is coming and even though it's slightly "warm" I'm still wrapped up in my snood - but I get cold a LOT :D

Okay, I'll talk to you later :) ta-taaaa!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Beanie Blogs #6: Stir Fry, AUTUMN and Beanie's Bakery!


Sorry I didn't do a Beanie Blog yesterday, but hey at least I made brownies :D

Yesterday I... wait, what did I do yesterday again?
Oh yeah! I baked and blogged... Pretty much...
For dinner last night we had stir fry for the second night in a row but i LOVE stir fry - no joke, I could probably eat Chinese and Japanese veggie food for every single meal... Maybe.
Today my dad's having an operation on his knee :( Actually, he's already had it but he's still in the hospital snoozing and stuff (he text mum saying he REALLY needs a cup of tea; If you don't like tea in my family you just have to leave.) but tonight my mum and I are going to make our own pizza dough and decorate pizzas and then have a brownie for dessert so it's all good!

Tomorrow my brother has to go back to school HAHA (sorry if any of you are >,<) - Though I go back the day after so I can't really be smug...
But anyway, whilst he's in school, my mum and I will be doing even MORE shopping heheh another reason I ADORE Autumn/Winter: you have to get essentials for the cold weather.
There is this beeYOOtiful jumper from Topshop but it's £40, and I don't really want to burn a hole in my pocket (or my purse, even.) all at once, so I may wait until i've saved up some more ^_^

Later this month my mum and dad are putting on this event thingy and I GET TO DO THE CAFE AGAIN WOOOO! I don't know if you know this, but when i'm older i'd like to be an actress, but I'd also reaaaally like a bakery... Called "Beanie's Bakery" - yeah.
But when I'm doing the cafe, mum said she's going to cut out some letters and put on some bunting, "Beanie's Bakes" so that'll be cool! Running it with me will be my two lovely friends Mads and Jose, so it should be really fun. (I'm planning on making lots of cute fairy cupcakes, coffee and walnut cake and gingerbread... And maybe some vegan muffins for me ^_^)

I can't believe it's Autumn! Well it's not really Autumn yeeet... But it's on the way to Autumn! I'M SO EXCCCCCIIIIITTTEEEDDD (as you probably know if you follow me on Tumblr)

Okay, I will leave you in peace now - Ta-ta!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Incredible Vegan Chocolate Sponge Brownies!

Second recipe post ;)

So, today I made these INCREDIBLE brownies. They were light, sponge-y - almost more like a beautiful chocolate sponge pudding rather than a brownie, HEAVENLY.
Now I know they use a LOT of stuff, and this made around 20-30 brownies... That's a lot of brownies. But do no worry if the soya milk doesn't completely blend in with the mixture at first; it will in the end.
I got this lovely recipe from this girl's blog, and i only used one different ingredient than her :)

I am going to try and make my own cake without a recipe soon... Well, at some point.

Okay, here are the ingredients:

  • 340g of self raising flour
  • 4tpsp of unsweetend cocoa powder (I used the lovely Green&Blacks)
  • A good pinch of salt (this i think must be essential, as salt really brings out the taste of chocolate - though personally I believe i must have saltaphobia as I hate it; it's essential in this.)
  • 340g of sugar (i used half golden caster sugar, then we ran out so I topped up the rest with plain white caster sugar.)
  • 1tbsp of golden syrup
  • 150ml of sunflower oil
  • 2 1/2tsp of vanilla paste (you can use vanilla extract (not essence) but ooh if you want to splurge, get the paste - you can even see the seeds it's so pure and... yummy!)
  • 450ml of soya milk
Preheat your oven to 190c.
First, sift together the flour and cocoa powder - I think sifting is important in this because you want the brownie mixture as smoooooth and nice-y nice as possible ^_^
Then, add in the sugar and salt and then around half of the oil and mix mix mix mix!
Then, add the golden syrup and the rest of the oil, mix and then add the vanilla paste/extract - If you have paste and add it in before the oil, it lumps up and then it's not sort of spread evenly, so put it after the oil.
Give the mixture some good old elbow grease (not literal grease, just mix it loooots) - you might feel some guns coming on your arms :'D

Then add in half of the milk, mix, then the other half. Like I said earlier, the milk might not mix in all at once so just have some patience and keep stirring. Then transfer into a brownie pan (I used a rectangular thinnish one and a loaf tin because there was so much mixture!) - leave a little space at the top as these rise ^_^ Then sprinkle a couple of dark chocolate chips (I used dark chocolate buttons cut up into quarters or so)
Then pop in the oven for 25-30 minutes, run around your kitchen screaming because they smell so amazing, then pop a knife/cocktail stick in, check it's cooked all the way through and transfer to a cooling rack. I only did this for about five minutes then cut them so my mum, dad and I could eat a nice warm brownie! (Then my brother and his friend stole one each.. Be careful, you might get brownie-robbed.)

They were the perfect texture and taste - so i hope you enjoyed them! If you make them PLEEEEAAASE tweet a picture to me!



Saturday, September 1, 2012

Beanie Blogs #5: Garden Envy and Halloween Garden Party?


I just came back from my dad's friend's birthday FESTIVAL thing... He has a huuuge garden so he pretty much put on a festival with live music and workshops and stuff like that! It was alright but my mum and I were sort of hanging around - but I drank two glasses of gingerbeer, so that was fun.

Later this evening we're all going to my beshhhhties house and having dinner ^_^

Whilst we were at my dad's friends house, not only was i feeling garden envy but also EARRING ENVY. Oh yes. His (dad's friend) has two daughters and one of them had suchhh pretty earrings on; they were dangly earrings and had silver leaves on them... Whenever I see them I always have instant envy of their earrings ^_^ But today I'm sporting my lovely fox earrings so it's all gooood.

I just watched back my latest tea vlog - I sound SO boring in it... I'm like, "blahhhbalahabhdbfvbv... yehhhhh." Not good.

Gosh this post is a little dotted around... And rubbish - sorry! But anyway, ONTO WHAT I ACTUALLY NEED TO TALK ABOUT:


Well, maybe not "Halloween" as my family and I don't really celebrate Halloween (only because my brother and I are obviously a lot older so don't go trick or treating, and also I have some bad memories with Halloween so I don't really like celebrating it) but it is nice to do something FESTIVE near the Halloween-y time... And i suppose I could learn to get back into Halloween.
So anyway, whilst we were at the garden party/festival thingy, I asked mum if we could have a garden party and she said, "Yeah! Let's have one for Halloween!" SO HUZZAH! But it won't be a big one, more of a sort of local friends-y one.
So here are my plans (I know I'm a little early but shhh);

  • Fairy lights
  • Lanterns
  • Homeade pizza bases for people to decorate their own
(just got a tea and an apple)

Um... Yeah! Sorry this was a bit of a sad excuse of a blog, but oh well!