Friday, August 31, 2012

Beanie Blogs #3: Veganism.

Hello my little beanie's,
So I have been thinking about becoming a vegan this last week or so, but one thing has been stopping me: "But we buy organic milk and our eggs come from the chickens next door!" (also note that in this post I'm really not trying to convert you into becoming a vegan/vegetarian, some people need meat not just for taste but also health reasons so yeah ^_^) but then I read on PETA the "Organic Myth" and it just got me thinking that I don't want to drink milk from cows, those beautiful cows just want to live life but they're being forced to be pregnant all the time (for meat) whilst some guy is annoying them milking them! I don't know, I just felt really... Sad.
And reading this article about how horrible Cadbury's are to cows! I actually teared up.
I've always wanted to be a friend of the animals and care about animal well fare - I've been a vegetarian since I was about three (my granny fed me sneaky sausages whilst my mum wasn't looking when I was very young :D), so the switch to veganism isn't too hard (I hope)

So in conclusion, I am becoming a vegan BUT when my family and I go on holiday of I end up eating a waffle I'll just call it a one time thing.

Thanks for listening heheh



  1. hay again! i was thiking of becoming a vegetarian over the past few weeks, but this really has changed my mind so i will try and be a vegetarian! lol xxxx

    1. Awhhh that's so great! If you want any tips just ask ^_^ xoxo

  2. Ahh thats great that you've decided to become vegan! I am a vegetarian and I would love to become a vegan! I love your blog by way!! xx