Saturday, September 1, 2012

Beanie Blogs #5: Garden Envy and Halloween Garden Party?


I just came back from my dad's friend's birthday FESTIVAL thing... He has a huuuge garden so he pretty much put on a festival with live music and workshops and stuff like that! It was alright but my mum and I were sort of hanging around - but I drank two glasses of gingerbeer, so that was fun.

Later this evening we're all going to my beshhhhties house and having dinner ^_^

Whilst we were at my dad's friends house, not only was i feeling garden envy but also EARRING ENVY. Oh yes. His (dad's friend) has two daughters and one of them had suchhh pretty earrings on; they were dangly earrings and had silver leaves on them... Whenever I see them I always have instant envy of their earrings ^_^ But today I'm sporting my lovely fox earrings so it's all gooood.

I just watched back my latest tea vlog - I sound SO boring in it... I'm like, "blahhhbalahabhdbfvbv... yehhhhh." Not good.

Gosh this post is a little dotted around... And rubbish - sorry! But anyway, ONTO WHAT I ACTUALLY NEED TO TALK ABOUT:


Well, maybe not "Halloween" as my family and I don't really celebrate Halloween (only because my brother and I are obviously a lot older so don't go trick or treating, and also I have some bad memories with Halloween so I don't really like celebrating it) but it is nice to do something FESTIVE near the Halloween-y time... And i suppose I could learn to get back into Halloween.
So anyway, whilst we were at the garden party/festival thingy, I asked mum if we could have a garden party and she said, "Yeah! Let's have one for Halloween!" SO HUZZAH! But it won't be a big one, more of a sort of local friends-y one.
So here are my plans (I know I'm a little early but shhh);

  • Fairy lights
  • Lanterns
  • Homeade pizza bases for people to decorate their own
(just got a tea and an apple)

Um... Yeah! Sorry this was a bit of a sad excuse of a blog, but oh well!



  1. i LOVE halloween! its joint 1st on my favourite time of the year (along with christmas!) its freezing where i live! YAY! xxx ^_____^

  2. Esh, don't put yourself down, you're amazing! I love your enthusiasm. You're such a lovely young lady and I really enjoy your vlogs and your blog posts, keep it up! xoxoxo

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