Monday, November 12, 2012



Teheh, now coffee looks like a funny word. I don't know what's wrong with me.

So here I am, sitting on an armchair in my Nanny and Grandpa's flat, in my school uniform (with a very scary looking top knot), with nothing to do(which is not true, I need to learn my lines and do some maths but SHHHH! ;D) just thinking about coffee.

My first experience with coffee wasn't great. I was quite young, not crazy young but in lower school, and my dad was making his night time coffee. I asked to try some so he made me a normal, very caffeinated, BLACK coffee. I put heaps of sugar into it, and drank it - "ew." I wasn't a big fan of it but I'm pretty sure I drank it all, then I got into bed and my hands started trembling and I got a massive headache and couldn't go to sleep for about two or three hours; oh caffeine, you're so kind.

I avoided coffee but when I got into Starbucks, I tried their gingerbread latte and I was HOOKED. After christmas, I forgot about coffee for a really REALLY long time, until earlier this year (around September time) when I tried another latte from PRET, and it made me feel sick so I decided to just CUT IT OUT. Ah, but my story isn't over yet (oh no, I hear.) I now love coffee. I still have to have a latte (not as much sugar as I used to, I only get coffee at Starbucks/costa but I make sure it's only about one pump of the syrup) but i LOVE IT. It still makes me go quite trembly but HEY I like the caffeinated kick. This isn't am obsession, don't worry.

Awwwright and that was (boring) story time with Esh! Now I'm going to eat some lunch; well in like twenty minutes. Twenty dragging minutes...

Goodbye my little gingerbreaddies!


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