Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Simple Things.

There is this magazine called The Simple Things; it is my favourite magazine EVER. I've only got one copy and it is perfect. At the end, it has a list of "simple things" - I suppose they're a bit like monthly favourites. I've stolen a couple, because they're so true! And many of these will be the same for next month, but hopefully this is going to be a monthly thing. Okay, I could write lots of "simple things" but here are mine for November:

Getting into bed with clean white sheets and a pretty patterned duvet.

Going so fast on the bike that you feel you're riding in the air.

Honey and far too much (vegan) butter drizzled on crunchy, seedy toast.

Walking along a street laced with glittering fairy lights, with a Starbucks seasonal latte to warm your hands.

Christmas pyjamas with knitted slippers.

A fire crackling.

The crisp cold air, biting your cheek... And then the rush to a cup of tea.

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