Thursday, November 1, 2012

How I Spent Halloween

I can't believe it's November!!! THIS IS SO COOL EEEK! But I definitely don't want to rush this time; this is my favourite time of the year (Christmassy time), so I like to make the most out of it - which means no counting down to Christmas for me ^_^

Yesterday, though it was Halloween, I had a very Christmassy day! My mum and I baked and baked and baked;
We were making chocolate biscotti! It turned out sooo yummy! This was it before getting cut up ^

I made these. They look TERRIBLE. They're suppost to be chocolate chip cookies, but they spread so much they made one giant cookie so we had to cut it. They're quit tasty, but they just fall apart and they're really sticky so :(

Excuse me whilst I bombard you with pictures of the beautiful biscotti (i ate two little pieces in the making teheh :D)

I also made these spice biscuits - they look really funny but they taste pretty good!

Then we had lunch, then went out to town to do a bit of festive shopping! It got dark as we were there, and lots of fairy lights in town turned on and it looked so beautiful.

 It was actually a really succesful shopping trip! Haul is on my channel ^_^ But then we came home, and had a little bit of time to have tea and a biscotti (...or two.)

 Merlin looked very proud of himself whilst sitting at the table :D
This was one of my purchases ^_^

So there we go! A lovely day :) We then watched Woman in Black and ate spicy pumpkin soup >,< i say watched... I mostly just closed my eyes and hid behind a cushion.
 But tonight some of my friends are coming over and we're gonna make popcorn and pizza and watch Nightmare Before Christmas!!! :D ONE more thing; TIME TO LISTEN TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!


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