Monday, October 1, 2012

Beanie Blogs #16: Late Night Ramblings and 1ST OF OCTOBER!!!



I need to go to sleep soon...
So, my family and i just watched two episodes of Downton Abbey - i'm FINALLY watching it! Teheh, we borrowed the first and second season off my besties so we'll have to catch up pretty quickly!
Whilst watching it I snacked on a clementine (SO YUMMY and it SMELLS SO YUMMY, like festive christmas nommyness!), an apple and two chocolate rice cakes ^_^ I'm trying to become less obsessed by food; i mean, i LOVE food and recipes and stuff but I mean less obsessed by calories and stuff because that's almost on the verge of an eating disorder, but I've stopped counting calories and stuff now, I just try and eat healthy food. Lots of it, too ;)

Today I had only two lessons in school, then mum and I went to town and OH SNAP STARBUCKS DO PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE AAAAAAHHHHHHEEEEEEE OHMYGOSH FINALLY AHHH!
It was SOSOSO yummy, but a little on the almsot too sweet side, so next time I'm going to try the salted caramel hot choccy (all with soy milk, of course.) then I went BACK to school for a rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet... :( don't wanna think about it, but i hated it and really don't want to do it but that's not exactly an option D:

I came home, and had a bath using my Blackberry bath bomb from Lush (blackberries are in season,  and as i'm not a big fan of the taste; i used it them in my bath! Heheh :D) - ooh, side note on Lush; CHRISTMAS RANGE COMES OUT ON SATURDAY AHHHHHHHHHEEEEKKKK I KNOW LOTS OF EXCITMENT IN THIS POST ARRGGHHHEEEEEKKKHHGHK! Anywho, then I went on tumblr/youtube a bit, then had dinner (onion and canellini bean soup, some naan bread and a little bit of curry and rice... not much though because dad had cooked it in coconut milk and.... *shudder* just no to coconut milk from me.), then obviously snacked and watched Downton Abbey!

I feel I snack too much in the evenings, but when I look back, maybe i don't? Today I had vegan icecream too, but that's not the usual...
I think what I should do is take stuff and put it in a bowl, and eat that. Not get something little and then something else and then something else; i should just get one bigger snack or a bowl of little snacks and not go back to the kitchen, otherwise I often feel a bit full in the evenings.

Anyway, sorry for my brainless rambling, I gotta go now, byeee!


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