Friday, October 19, 2012

Beanie Blogs #20: Cozyness, Skin and Juliet!


I'm at my nanny's today - it's so lovely and cold outside <3 so I'm warming up with a fuzzy blanket (in my school uniform -.- when I get home it's straight to the jim jams!) and a lemon and ginger tea (I might go back for my second piece of vegan choccy tiffin heheh ;)) so woo!

My skin has been horrible recently. I need to get into the habit of washing it in the morning and night - i know, it's a bit gross that I've only been washing my face with rubbish cleanser in the evening but in the morning I always seem like I'm in such a rush, but I'm sure I have time to wash my face! Anyway, i've got a big group of little skin coloured spots which are annoying :(

Enough of my face - how are YOU?

It was actually a really fun day at school today; I had English, double drama and then English again teheh! My favourite subjects ;)
In my little library break (whilst the rest of my lovely class were doing chemistry teheh!) I tried to learn some of my Juliet lines - I've sooort of learnt a couple, I know, I know - only a couple BUT it's a start! :D

Okay, I'll pop off now! Tu-taaah!

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