Thursday, October 4, 2012

Beanie Blogs #17: Illness, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Dance-y Stuff

Hello alll!

I've been ill the last two days, today I went back to school though - it was really nice; I came into the geography/history classroom, and most of them shouted "ERIIIIN!" so sweet <3
I finished right before lunch so mum and I went to Costa, I sneakily ate my packed lunch from dad and sipped on my SUPER YUMMY gingerbread latte.

STARBUCKS HAVE BROUGHT OUT PUMPKIN SPICE LATTEEESSS - wait, did I say that in my last blog post?
I prefer Starbucks over Costa, but Costa's gingerbread lattes are so gooood! So excited for Starbucks to release THEIR gingerbreadyummy lattes ^_^

I'm off to drama in about fifteen minutes - I think it's a workshop this time, which basically means instead of having an hour of drama, hour of singing and hour of dance, everyone (all the different age group companies; sounds confusing but it isn't teheh :D) gets together and we just practise stuff like the bows, etc. Did i say we're doing Beauty and the Beast for our Christmas production? Hm.... if I didn't, i'm playing the beggar woman! Haha, my laaavely friend is playing Amora, so basically i do a little scene and then run off stage, and my friend comes on to play... Well, me but prettier and more powerful :D (just so you know, Amora's the enchantress but she plays an old beggar lady at the beginning)
I'm really into dance at the moment; I've always liked it, but never been one of those, "OH MY PARENTS SENT TO ME TO THE ROYAL BALLET COMPANY WHEN I WAS TWO BECAUSE I AM JUST SO DARN TALENTED" (may I say, if you went to the Royal Ballet Company or whatever it's called when YOU were two - bravo! Actually anyone who does ballet i congratulate, i really want to start learning it - it's so elegant!) girls, but i do enjoy dance (even if it's just twizzling, swirling, twirling and jumping around my room to T. Swizzle). This is the only dance I do, and we do a whole mix of things but like i said, I'd like to do some ballet lessons ^_^

Hey, it's 11:25 PM right now -.- I forgot to finish this!
I went to drama, it was SO MUCH FUUUN! Then i had a dinner and a major snackathon which resulted in me feeling a bit iffy :/ But I'm off to bed now!


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