Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WEAT: Sunday Eats!

So, again i failed at WIAW, but shhhhh! Instead i'll just do WEAT (What Esh Ate Today... even though this was from Sunday and it's now Tuesday, again, shhh! ;D)
So on Sunday my dad had some worky stuff to do and my mum and I came with him - we ventured off into Nottingham (it was nearby where dad was) because I'D seen this lovely looking place called the White Rabbit Teahouse
(though it was more of a teaROOM it was so tiny and cuuute! And cosy and warm ^_^). It was really nice; I didn't see many vegan options (though my heart had been set on the sandwich i'll tell you about in a min, so maybe I wasn't looking well enough) but lots of veggie options!
They also sold a wide variety of tea (obvs) and CAKE. And scones and yumminess :D

But anywho, here we go;
OKAY I CHEATED. This is a picture of a couple of days before but i MUST do a recipe on my two favourite breakfasts (this is one of them) - super simple but sometimes people just need some ideas! This is porridge (made with water and soya milk of course) with stewed apples and cinnamon. Actually on Sunday I'm pretty sure I put about two tbsps of muesli and a TINY sprinkle of brown sugar in there. Ooh, and a chai tea with soy milk.

I also ate a banana and a cup of tea when we got there, for my little mid morning snack!


 YUUUUM. If you ever go to the White Rabbit Teahouse, I DEFINITELY reccomend this! Humuous, baby spinach, carrots and PINE NUT sandwich with a side salad and some crisps :D

Snacky time! (around 4pm):

My mum and I went to this cute little cafe places called The Beetroot Tree in Derby/Derbyshire. If you live near there and you're vegan, GO THERE. If you live near there and you're not vegan, GO THERE.
They had two vegan dessert choices that I was interested in; Spiced apple slice or spiced apple cobbler. As it was so cold, i went for the cobbler and my oh my I'm glad i did. Now I'm planning to make cobbler this weekend :D PERFECT cinnamony nutmegy clovey gingery stewed hot apples with a sweet, almost cake like pastry cobbler top. PURRRRFECT.
Very attractive picture, i know. It had been a long day and on the way home we went to Costa and I had my usual gingerbread latte. Yum yum.

Dinner: picture.

I'm sorry.
It was quite late when we got back, so mum rustled up some pasta with M&S (i know - *sigh* shop bought sauce, but I looked on the back and it didn't have loads of crappy stuff in it, so it's all good!) tomato sauce, with a side of M&S edamame (did you know that's pronounced ED-A-MA-MAY? So cool. Like quinoa is KIN-WA tehehehheheh :D) and green bean salad and carrot cous cous salad. Yum yum.
I think i ate some soy yogurt, muesli and a choccy rice cake afterwards - I find I always binge eat in the evenings :/ eh. But that day I thiiink i was okay.

SO, there we go! 
One more thing before i go; Starbucks do a VEGAN loaf slice. ADGJ CHSZGM`BHVCGUUgjvghvjseidfznejkzidjnjakrektbfgijxjUGR7YFGHUXHIBJFD OMG I KNOW!!!!!!!! Chocolate and hazelnut loaf slice - I had half with my mum it was so good!

Okay, TTFN my dearies!


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