Friday, October 26, 2012


Hello all! The title is yet to be decided... Hmmm... But this post basically is sort of, things going on or things I like at the mo.

(This lady is staying in our house tonight, she knows my mum and dad - and we're watching this terrible film and I reeeaaally want to leave but I feel so rude euurrggghhh! I also feel a bit piggy, because i ate dinner, had seconds of the garlic bread, then had this super-yummy-but-randomly-made-up pumpkin ginger tart/pie/no-cheese-cheesecake and two clementines, then I just ate a homeade plum jam tart with an apple... IT'S FRIDAY, OKAY? ;D)

Okay, heeeere we go!:

1. Halloween Baking

This is something very recent, about four hours ago ;) Tomorrow i'm doing the catering again for this show event thingy my mum and dad are putting on in a town not too far away, and so I've been baking a LOT - and my mum was helping me and it felt really cosy and nice, so that's my first thing!

2. Jamie's Christmas with Bells on/Jamie's Family Christmas

I. LOVE. THIS. PROGRAM. And I don't think it's too early for Christmas programs - it never is! (Okay maybe that's not true, but it's late October so it's all good!) So many ideas, albeit meaty ideas mostly but it still makes me feel so Christmassy and yaaay!

3. Kirstie's Homemade Christmas

Another program to catch up on 4od! This also inspires me so much; Christmas food and craft ideas! It makes me want to get a vintage glass jar full of buttons and turn them into a necklace, or a garland or something awesome like that!

4. Costa's Gingerbread Lattes

Very luckily, there is a costa near my nanny and grandpa's so gingerbread lattes make a lot of appearances in my life! I can't wait until Starbucks bring out their redcups though! EEEK SO SOON!!!! :D

5. Friends

Not the TV show, suprisingly ;) I've just been very grateful for my friends (and famfam ofc) - my new schoolie friends are already becoming close, and my oldie friends (teheh!) are just so perfff! We actually are like little old ladies when talking in our group, we don't gossip, just discuss ;D

Awwwright I'm off to watch Kirstie's Homemade Home! Tutahhh!


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