Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beanie Blogs #18: Vegan Bakery Plans.

Hello all!

I thought I'd share a little future plan/idea of mine.

Okay, I would like to be an actress, for theatre. I pretty much always have been (apart from when I wanted to be a bus driver aged 6) - I've grown up with theatre around me, as my dad performs and mum likes reviewing people and stuff, so I really like it and would love to be an actress.
BUT; I also love the idea of owning a bakery. Actually I talked about this with my friends and I thought I will become an actress and my job "on the side" will be to own a bakery, ahaha I know that's not exactly a side job :D
But I would love to own a little vegan bakery/cafe as well as be an actress ^_^ I'd offer every type of tea, a selection of vegan cupcakes and muffins, cakes, pies, biscuits... And chai tea lattes ;)

That's pretty much it... I just wanted to share heheh. What are your job plans for the future (or for now)?


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