Sunday, September 30, 2012

WIAT: #1

I've decided instead of doing what I ate Wednesday's, I'll do what i ate TODAY's :D Apart from i ate this yesterday....

YUMYUMYUM - for breakfast I had Dorset Cereals gingerbread porridge (my favouuurite <3) with soya milk, and half a banana (i just gobbled up the other half) I'm not sure about putting fruit ON my gingerbread porridge... I love fruit with breakfast, but with a flavoured porridge I think it's better on the side... ANYWHO.

My mum and i went to get our haircut, and then we went to Uncle's to "Pop 'round" - came home at like half two, i was so hungry, so i munched up an apple ^_^
 Lunch was soso good - we thawed out some leek and potato soup dad had made (he'd gone crazy with the quantities, again, so we have loads of frozen soup now) and to the side, had a honey and sunflower seeded roll from Budgens which was a tad strange because it was white bread, which I'm not really used to anymore, and it was sort of sweet... But it was quite nice.
 We bought these beautiful plums so I just had to eat two!
 I decided to finally do my homework, and to help me think I thought to drink chocolate soya milk - but i got a bit sick of the sweetness, though the chocolate milk is super yummy, so I only drank half...
 But then made myself a chai tea!
 I really wasn't very hungry, and I know you shouldn't eat when you don't really feel like it blah blah blah but mum had bought THESE from Dorset Cereals - they tasted JUST LIKE A BROWNIE! It was incredible! I do usually eat a snack around 4ish to keep my blood sugar levels up, and this was PERFECT! Dorset Cereals bars are my favourite; I like 9bar, but i feel they're a little too sweet for me so I love these ones - i'm pretty sure this must be packed with antioxidants though because it's got dark chocolate and raisins in ^_^
 No, I didn't eat James and his CUUUTE doggy - but look how adorable! JAMES TO WIN THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF! WOOOOOT!
 Rubbish picture, I know - i had to take a picture of my brothers before he went for THIRDS. Mum made this pasta dish from Nigella; it was really yummy! I had seconds :)

For dessert i made my mum and I this little bowl of goodness (I also had another piece of my bread - bit of a seconds day :/) - i made cinnamon fruit and nut bread earlier, though it didn't really turn out like bread it turned out more like a BAR... But it was still yummy! So I added some soy yogurt and a plum, with a english breakfast tea on the side - it was so yummy!

So I hope you enjoyed this slightly strange food diary thing! :D


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