Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beanie Blogs #13: Pesto, Biking and Healthy Eating


This evening I made PESTO woot! It was so nommy, recipe will be up next time I make it! (I forgot to take pictures)
I also made granola bars, but I made it in a tin that was too big so it's all a bit crumbly but I've eaten three dumbly parts and they're really nommy so YAY!

Today my mum, brother and I drove to town as always, my brother got a bus to the centre for sixth form and mum and I cycled in! It was really hard work even though the road is flat and it's not that far out, but I think it's because my bike is WAY too small for me do it's really uncomfortable... But it's good that I'm biking again, need to use hose leg muscles!
Tonorrow's my "full day" at school... That always scares me, I don't know why, but it does :D I think it's because I'm there from 8:45 to 3:50 and... Gosh I don't know but it's my only full day out of te week so yeah.

RIGHT. Let's get serious. SRS. SRSBSNSS.
That's right; FOOD.
I LOOOVE cooking and baking as you know and in my past time I read food blogs and just read hundreds of recipes, but recently as I got into "health and nutrition" shizz, I started calorie counting.
Not good.
I didn't want to lose weight, but I got worried about how many calories I was consuming??? My mum and dad got really worried about me because (and side note: theycan be over dramatic) they thought I was becoming an anorexic. Which is completely not true because I would never dream of such a thing! But I've stopped calorie counting now. I eat sweet treats! And I don't follow a low carb or low fat diet, I just eat YUMMY, HEALTHY FOOD. That doesn't mean I just eat salad. I'm not the healthiest person in the planet, but I make sure I don't eat processed junky food, and then I know I'm doing fine! Okay this is what I've eaten today:
Breakfast: a bowl of muesli with soya milk
Snack: a banana and soy chai
Lunch: four mini pittas, cucumber sticks, celery sticks, red pepper sticks and homeade humous (SO GOOD. I'd rather et that than a giant burger, wouldn't you? Homeade yummyness)
Snack: a piece of wholemeal toast with strawberry jam
Dinner: a bowl of pasta with homeade pesto with Brocolli and tomatoes, then a couple of chunks of granola bar
This was a slightly random topic, but if youre in a rut of "healthy eating" I'm here to help ^_^

The confused dot con adverts are very... Disturbing.

Okay gonna pop off now! Nunight!

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