Friday, September 21, 2012

Beanie Blogs #14: Cookies, OFFICIAL START TO AUUUTUMN WOOT WOOT and School-y Things!


I'm watching back MORE Vlogmas videos ^_^ teheh :D
I LOOOVE watching back old videos, I don't know why, it's just so nostalgic and festive and eeeeee <3

I made cookies earlier - ANOTHER recipe! I have been trying to find perfect vegan cookies, but it's hard! BUT, these ones are sosososossososososososoSOSOSOSOSOSO yummy! They're pretty thin, but really chewy and sweet and yumyumyumyum (i've had two and a half.)
They went a tad wrong though. Okay, when I was trying out my first VEGAN cookie recipe (not mine, i mean i was trying out someone elses' ;)) i put them into little cookie dough balls, put them on the tray, put them (put them put them put them) in the oven, and they didn't move. They stayed stupid little un-cookie like shapes! So this time (using a rather wet batter, i think i put too much milk in) I made them into cookie shapes then put them in the oven. Big mistake. It formed one thin giant cookie, so I had to cut them up myself so they're all odd different shapes, BUT THEY TASTE GOOD!
Note to self: Next time, make them into cookie dough balls (OOOH OR MAYBE I'LL MAKE THEM IN A MUFFIN TRAY THING! They'll all be the same size that way!)!
But yay for yummy cookies!


And it's really cold ^_^ Though, at school we have to go outside at break time and after lunch and i don't think I'm aloud to wear MY coat. The school sells blazers but 1) blazers aren't very warming and 2) they're flipping expensive and I don't want mum to buy me a poshly cut piece of thin fabric.
But maybe i'll be able to sneak about wearing my fox gloves without getting caught >:D

Today at school was preeetty good - in English we all read for about 3/4 of the lesson, and then we talked about reading - but reading's fun so it's all good! (we pretty much did the same in the English lesson later on too) Then drama was okay; we were doing "status" which I've done quite a few times with my lovely old drama group (who i miss :( sniffle), but y'know, oh well.

I'm going to this girls birthday party tomorrow :O I'm slightly nervous... I did make the cookies for her party, but they're not very pretty heheh so I'm gonna make some cinnamon cupcakes or just some plain fairy cakes - with eggs in, but the chickens come from next door and they're happy hens so it's all good!

Bedumbedumbedum.... How's your life my little leaves?

Okay, I'm going to go: watch some more old youtube videos, have a bath, then eat dinner!
Toodle pip!


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