Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beanie Blogs #7: Breakfast idea, OPI and Operations!


It doesn't feel like I am though it just feels like... Oh I don't know it just feels WEIRD and wrong!
But hopefully it'll be nice ^_^

Breakfast idea: yogurt and granola/muesli.
Personally I hate natural yogurt but soy yogurt with muesli is BLISS, I had it as a snack yesterday but I had to have it for breakfast this morning (I used Dorset Cereal organic muesli: it's got oats, raisins, nuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds in it's so goooooood!)

So I'm in the dear world of Starbucks right now, finished my soy chai tea latte and banana :) my mum and I are going to do a little shop today heheh :D I just bought this CUUUUTE little mini OPI set called "Ger-Minis" (it's the Germany collection ^_^) really excited to try one out this weekend!
I need (okay need isn't the right word... Heheh) some stuff from Accesorize; a wallet, and some prezzies for my friends birthdays :D

So yesterday my dad had his knee op - you might not know this but my family and I actually sort of live upstairs whh sounds weird aha but my granny used to live downstairs so now we use it for mum and dads room, the laundry room and a sort of book/Xbox room haha, but yesterday and for a couple of days, my dad has to stay downstairs so we made pizza and brought it downstairs and watched a film which was nice :) but because of dads knee he has to rethink his whole JOB so we've been doing lots of thinking of sort of what's gonna happen.
That was a slighty pointless update...

So... How is life everyone?

It's too sunny :( C'MON AUTUMN! It is coming and even though it's slightly "warm" I'm still wrapped up in my snood - but I get cold a LOT :D

Okay, I'll talk to you later :) ta-taaaa!


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