Monday, September 3, 2012

Beanie Blogs #6: Stir Fry, AUTUMN and Beanie's Bakery!


Sorry I didn't do a Beanie Blog yesterday, but hey at least I made brownies :D

Yesterday I... wait, what did I do yesterday again?
Oh yeah! I baked and blogged... Pretty much...
For dinner last night we had stir fry for the second night in a row but i LOVE stir fry - no joke, I could probably eat Chinese and Japanese veggie food for every single meal... Maybe.
Today my dad's having an operation on his knee :( Actually, he's already had it but he's still in the hospital snoozing and stuff (he text mum saying he REALLY needs a cup of tea; If you don't like tea in my family you just have to leave.) but tonight my mum and I are going to make our own pizza dough and decorate pizzas and then have a brownie for dessert so it's all good!

Tomorrow my brother has to go back to school HAHA (sorry if any of you are >,<) - Though I go back the day after so I can't really be smug...
But anyway, whilst he's in school, my mum and I will be doing even MORE shopping heheh another reason I ADORE Autumn/Winter: you have to get essentials for the cold weather.
There is this beeYOOtiful jumper from Topshop but it's £40, and I don't really want to burn a hole in my pocket (or my purse, even.) all at once, so I may wait until i've saved up some more ^_^

Later this month my mum and dad are putting on this event thingy and I GET TO DO THE CAFE AGAIN WOOOO! I don't know if you know this, but when i'm older i'd like to be an actress, but I'd also reaaaally like a bakery... Called "Beanie's Bakery" - yeah.
But when I'm doing the cafe, mum said she's going to cut out some letters and put on some bunting, "Beanie's Bakes" so that'll be cool! Running it with me will be my two lovely friends Mads and Jose, so it should be really fun. (I'm planning on making lots of cute fairy cupcakes, coffee and walnut cake and gingerbread... And maybe some vegan muffins for me ^_^)

I can't believe it's Autumn! Well it's not really Autumn yeeet... But it's on the way to Autumn! I'M SO EXCCCCCIIIIITTTEEEDDD (as you probably know if you follow me on Tumblr)

Okay, I will leave you in peace now - Ta-ta!


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