Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beanie Blogs #10: Rebel, Baking and Scientific Ingredients!

Hello alllllllll!

I'm writing this on mum's iPad in the school library *shocked face* REBEL! Well it's blogging, which means writing so it's all good practise.
Next lesson at 2:35 is French... Huzzah.... French isn't so gods - English is loads of fun and it's really good though I wish it was a little longer than forty minutes... But I'm glad that French is forty mins :D

This morning mum and i dropped my brother off at college then went to town and did a little shopping for Maddir and Josie's birthday which is this Sunday!
We also bought a new recipe book!!! ARGH IM SO EXCITED BY THIS!!! It's this lady called Erin's book, she owns a bakery called Babycakes in NYC and she makes vegan sweet treats and stuff! She uses really sort of "unusual" quite fancy ingredients like xanthan gum, rice flour and applesauce in her cookies, cakes and bakes which is new to me because I'm very used to the simple plain flour, butter, sugar, etc.
She makes these INCREDIBLE looking donuts that you don't deep fat fry you bake them! But the recipe I'm desperate to try out either this evening or this weekend, and it is OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIES. YUM. They look like the perfect consistency <3 it says in the book to follow the instructions EXACTLY and make sure the ingredients are very exact (vegan baking can be pretty scientific, it's rather cool ^_^) but in these cookies I'm going to add some cinnamon so (hopefully!) they taste like the fruit and nut cinnamon cookies from Starbucks :)

Sorry, get me talking about baking and I won't stop :D I'm really excited because I'm running the cafe with two of my friends for thus event mum and dad are putting on soon! I'm gonna bake dairy free coffee and walnut cake, dairy free fairy cakes and some type of vegan cookies/biscuits.
Tonight is my cooking dinner night (we made a cute little timetable for school and cooking and shizz :D) and I'm planning on making this very vegetable-y healthy "winter veg shepherds pie" :D

It's so nice and chilly today! HUZZAH! Okay five minutes until I have to go to French, and then I go home! Hoot hoot! I might talk more about my day later :)

Ta-taaaaaa for now!


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