Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beanie Blogs #8: School Woes, More School Woes and... MORE School Woes!!!

Hello pretty people!

I'm just sitting here on my bed being as productive as it gets (editing, blogging) with my PRODUCTIVE BUN IN MY HAIR. (tutorial on my new hair channel with fwendlings yay)
So, some of you wanted to know how SCHOOOOL is going, and I think it's good to say so in years to come I can look back and be like, "Woah.... I was such a loner in school LOLLLL" (Okay hopefully i won't say that...)

I'm gonna be preeeeetty open so FINGERS CROSSED no one from school is reading this (TOTEZ AWWWKS if they were...);

On my first day, I cried. Yes. I cried.
I broke down and turned into moaning myrtle by running to the girls toilets in my "study time" (i.e. Whilst a lesson is going on that I don't do, for example maths or chemistry, I go off to the library to... err... study.) and cried. And text my mum which you are strictly not aloud to do (WHUUUT I AM SUCH A REBEL.), and moaned to her.
When the school bell rang, I rushed out and ran to mum's car - after lots of tears and reassuring words I had sort of "made up my mind" about it; i will give it a few weeks (though at the time I was literally DREADING going back the next day.), and think of school as where you learn (which is what is is, heheh) not a friend-meeting-place (reason i was upset: Lots of people were talking and shouting in classes, so I couldn't concentrate and no one stood out as a good friend to me - woah, harsh i know, but it's true.)

Today, I went in and was LATE. Well, I wasn't late for the lesson; everyone had sort of sat down but they were sorting themselves out and stuff, and nothing had started - but anyway, no one was in the playground and I was freaking out because I had no idea where geography was but SO LUCKILY a lovely girl from Year 10 who I talked to yesterday, came and helped me which was sososo sweet of her ^_^ I then went to double Geography, which was REALLY good and I love my teacher, and then it was BREAK.
I. Hate. Break.

You know why? Because I sort of have to stand around with my year group - and i'm not saying they're mean or boring or anything, because they're really sweet people, but as they have been friends for a while it was sort of hard to talk to them, and they were talking about who's going out with who, and making rude jokes and I was a little bit like, "hm." y'know? I realllly hope no one from school is reading this, i sound so horrible...
(in Wild Child, Poppy writes emails to Ruby complaining about the girls... Maybe it'll be like that wooooops! They're lovely but they don't like nerds or harry potter and stuff :( )

But then it was History, which was great, French, which was okay, form time; which i liked because i LOVE my form tutor (other people say they hate her but she's so sweet?) and then I headed off to the library whilst math's was on, and talked to two girls from Year ten who are really nice :)
Theeeenn it was Geography again, and before lunch - I went home! Well, my mum and i went to Costa (soy hot choccy ^_^ Costa do really good hot chocolate!)then picked up my brother, and went home!

Sorry for the very moany/biatchy (excuse my language) post, but I needed to LET IT ALL OUT.



  1. Esh, hope your ok, I'm sure you will make friends xx

  2. aww esh i think u will be fine! u are soo nice! mabye its just because ur new but dont worry they will love u!! ^___^