Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beanie Blogs #9: Ouchy Head, Food and AUTUMN LOVE!

no capitalisation or punctuation there because this is how im talking today because my head hurts. so bad.
and its my fault, because we've got loads of fruit flies in our kitchen which are sososoo gross and i swear i have a phobia of them, so when they're near i start having a spaz attack and it makes my head hurt and so now i have got a HORRIBLE headache and it's all my stupid fault.

Okay, anyway, I shouldn't think about it otherwise i'll think it's gotten worse.

SO, first of all I wanted to say thank you to everyone because you've all been sososo lovely and nice and sweet to me about the whole school hoo-ha, you've all really cheered me up ^_^ But I wanted to say that Friday and Thursday were a LOT better; I talked to everyone lots and the teachers are brilliant and I really enjoyed myself so hopefully all my woes are left behind! On Friday, once I'd gotten back from school, i instantly but on all my bracelets and painted my nails a very dashing blue (Un-For-Greta-Bly Blue by OPI :D) and I was all like "WOOT WOOT WEEKEND!" heheh it's rather fun >,<
Last night we went round next doors for the last night at The BBC Proms (I've never watched the Proms before :O) and dindins - I had three pieces of vegan pizza, two pieces of french stick bread, some couscous salad, two falafel's (I always thought falafel was spelt; falaffel... Strange...) and some bean salad so quite a spread of yummy things! I left before the Proms had finished as it was late and I really wanted to watch Youtube teheh.

I have a confession.
I can't WAIT until OCTOBER!!!
Here in September we're on the way to Autumn but it's really stupidly warm today which SUCKS, though I've tricked myself into thinking it's cold by wearing fairisle tights and a cable knit jumper ^_^ But i've been watching back my old Christmassy videos and everyone's old Vlogmas videos just because I feel so JOLLY.
But now I REAAAALLY want to make Christmas cookies... not good. But don't worry, don't worry, I'm not excited for Christmas (weeell maybe alittle bit, but mostly for the build up for Christmas as Christmas whizzes by so fast you just HAVE to make a big deal about the build up; it's the best bit.) but all those videos are just so cozy and jolly and... LAAAAVELY!

Right, I will love you and leave you (I nearly forgot to mention that i've been calling people duckie recently... Not sure why...), tataaa!


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  1. If it helps , its Halloween soon and I don't actually go trick or treating but I have my friends round and its fun ! Get well soon ! =3 I get really crazy around Christmas because I love it so much and all I want is Autumn and winter !!!