Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beanie Blogs #15: Gingerbread Porridge, Failed Pumpkin Seeds and My Day!

Hello my little pumpkin seeds!

I'm trying to edit a tea vlog at the moment (well, not LITERALLY at the moment as that would take four eyes, two computers and four hands. That would be creepy.) but - well, I edited (most) of it, and then iMove decided to go cray-cray and turn off so it deleted everything eeehh D:
I also have history homework to do. Oh dear.

SOOOO, how are you all today?
I woke up at 7:22, and got dressed suuuper quickly, then got some BREAKFAST.
*runs to kitchen to turn pumpkin seeds* (i'll explain that in a min
It's from Dorset Cereals and it is sososo yummy! It has little chunks of gingerbread (well, not like cut up gingerbread, but little chunks of gingery stuff that just BURSTS full of Christmas flavour) in and it so is SOOSOSOSO warming and scrummy >,< ^_^

Then, my mum and I dropped my  brother off at sixth form, and went into town to go to the library (where i did a bit of my history homework, read a bit, and went on about three million food blogs <3), then at 12-ish, we walked to my school. I went in, had English (which was good, i love my teacher for English she's so nice :D), ate my packed lunch that dad made me heheh, had French (BLURGH.) and then HOOOME!

I munched on a 9Bar and drank a hot cup of fire chai whilst blogging/vlogging/youtubing/tumblring (the usual stuff).

BASICALLY, my mum and I tried out a Lorraine Pascal recipe for PUMPKIN MUFFINS (THAT'S RIGHT WE BOUGHT A PUMPKIN IN WAITROSE AAHHHHHHH I PRACTIALLY SCREAMED, AND I GAVE THE PUMPKIN A KISS - i think some old ladies were a bit scared of me after i kissed it...) but they turned out pooey eh D: But I scooped the pumpkin seeds out, and i'm just roasting them (with a bit of oil, salt and cinnamon) now ^_^

It is SO cold. I love it!

*next day*
I didn't finish my post yesterday. Sigh and tutut, I know. But basically;
1. Pumpkin seeds didn't turn out right
2. I made falafel burners with pitta. Bread and salad for dinner last night
3. I want to start doing WIAW's.
4. It is raining SOSO hard I love t!

Okay, byeeee!


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