Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beanie Blogs: #11: Halloween Food, Boring Roads and Romeo and Juliet!

I'm in school again TEHEH :D today's my "long day" - I start at 8:45 and finish at 3:50 (I think...) so my one FULL DAY :O
I have a few library breaks though... Like this one. Ten minutes until double history and then home!

So, gosh I have so much to talk about... Well none of it's particularly interesting but HO HUM!

Okay, first of all; the school is doing a production of (of course) Romeo and Juliet, a modern (of course) version - and though it's quite predictable to do a MODERN DAY Romeo and Juliet, it's still very exciting and I've signed up for acting/singing ^_^

I got really excited because I saw this recipe for, wait for it.... PUMPKIN S'MORE HALLOWEEN CUPCAKES.
Now we're not actually having a Halloween garden party now, we're doing it for Fireworks Night BUUUT I've seen SOSSOOSOSOSO many exciting Halloween Autumn-y recipes so later I'm going to ask my mummy if we could have a sort of dinner party do I can make things like pumpkin soup and those cupcakes :D
I've also looked up facts about the earth! And hey, baking is an interest of mine so let's just pretend it's educational! Well it can be, I learnt about xanthan gum and arrowroot.

Five minuuuuutes....

SO nervous about history. Mum and I did a horrible late night homework session last night because I had been putting it off for a while and then mum reminded me and I was like "OH DEAR." and I had to answer these questions about this boring road (sorry Mr Road but you need a nickname or something to jazz you up a bit) and then in the lesson we have to speak for a WHOLE MINUTE on it D; kneeeyahhhhhhhhhh!

Okay, gonna go now - tataaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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